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Chen Weihua

Chen Weihua is the Chief Washington Correspondent of China Daily and Deputy Editor of China Daily USA. He has a particular focus on US politics and US-China relations.

More to fear from a weak China than one that is strong

[2016-03-18 07:37]

The latest cover story in The Atlantic written by Jeffrey Goldberg is quite telling of US President Barack Obama's foreign policy.

US military power is as much of a blessing as a curse

[2016-03-12 09:21]

US actions are certainly militarizing the South China Sea and heightening tensions in the region.

Growing public anger reflects widespread feelings of impotence

[2016-03-04 08:52]

Americans are known for being optimistic, but the word most often used to describe public sentiment in the US these days is "angry". A number of polls in recent months have shown more Americans saying they are angry and that those that were already angry are angrier than before.

It's high time the US stopped blurting out poisonous rhetoric

[2016-02-26 09:28]

It's time Obama stopped pushing for the TPP at the cost of the vital China-US relations.

American Dream increasingly distant from most in US

[2016-02-19 08:19]

Moore's movie is the latest reminder that a nation that claims to be the greatest and most exceptional seems to quickly forget its ideals.

Culture can counter the spin of animosity

[2016-02-05 08:04]

Pandas and such interactions as those to celebrate the Year of the Monkey can help ordinary Americans better understand Chinese people, their culture and history.

Paper misleads US by pointing to wrong place of danger

[2016-01-22 08:31]

One Chinese journalist who was at the release of the report on Wednesday said bluntly: "It should be called a China containment report."

Self-glorification in State of Union address ignored US' problems

[2016-01-15 08:48]

This is the picture of a developing country and not the one Obama described on Tuesday night.

Those who wish China ill will only hurt themselves

[2016-01-08 07:51]

If you listened to the comments of some government officials, lawmakers, pundits and commentators, it is not hard to realize that there are people in the United States who wish China ill.

By dragging feet on metric system, US leaves world puzzled

[2015-12-26 09:17]

There is no doubt that the metric system has been and is the global rule and norm of the 21st century. It is also an area where the US has clearly fallen far behind.

A problem on the home front US can do without

[2015-12-18 09:58]

A great nation should not have homeless people waiting outside convenience stores, subway stations and parks, as in New York City.

Trade policy harms Obama's climate legacy

[2015-12-11 08:57]

As world leaders race to reach a climate deal in Paris on Friday, Obama wants the deal to become a key legacy of his eight-year presidency. However, his protectionist policy that undermines China's renewable industry and the climate cause will tarnish this legacy.

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