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Chen Weihua

Chen Weihua is the Chief Washington Correspondent of China Daily and Deputy Editor of China Daily USA. He has a particular focus on US politics and US-China relations.

Blame game a sign of US relative decline

[2015-08-21 08:20]

Despite their annoyance at the US political blame game, many Chinese have also seen it as a reflection of growing importance and success of China and even a "relative decline" of the United States.

Washington's dubious silence on Abe revisionism

[2015-08-14 08:37]

Whatever Abe says on Friday, he is a leader with a distorted view of history and an expanding military, which is a dangerous combination.

Lots of hypocrisy at play over carbon emissions

[2015-08-07 08:02]

China, India and other developing countries still have to lift millions of people out of poverty, including giving many of them access to electricity.

Curb China-US military rivalry to avoid conflict

[2015-07-31 08:15]

More exchanges will help reduce such a possibility, but the two nations' leaders bear the foremost responsibility to help prevent military rivalry or an arms race.

Making sense of the reestablishment of US-Cuba ties

[2015-07-24 07:52]

This blindness is truly exceptional, but hopefully it is not part of the exceptionalism that many Americans use to define their country.

Iran nuclear deal opens new vistas of opportunities

[2015-07-17 08:39]

The nuclear deal and a possible improvement in US-Iran relations could greatly increase the prospect of making this vision a reality.

War anniversary statement a big test for Abe

[2015-07-10 07:58]

Chinese leaders have repeatedly noted the importance of both facing the past truthfully and looking to the future in dealing with the China-Japan relations.

US marriage ruling resonates in China

[2015-07-03 09:09]

While substantial progress has been made in China over the past two decades to protect the rights of the LGBT community, most Chinese are still not ready to embrace the group.

Welcome days for China-US engagement

[2015-06-26 08:34]

People should not be disappointed if they don't see major breakthroughs at the S&ED, because only engagements like this are a necessary and often vital step toward breakthroughs.

Talks should give boost to cooperation amid differences

[2015-06-19 07:57]

The S&ED is vital for managing differences, but that should not come at the expense of greater efforts to expand cooperation.

More communication brings understanding

[2015-06-12 07:42]

What has proved effective in the past decade is that more engagement can help the two countries better tap the potential of cooperation and reduce the risk of confrontation.

Small step toward curbing rampant NSA surveillance

[2015-06-05 07:50]

There is no doubt that the USA Freedom Act is just the first step in a long march toward curbing NSA's intrusive surveillance.

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