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Chen Weihua

Chen Weihua is the Chief Washington Correspondent of China Daily and Deputy Editor of China Daily USA. He has a particular focus on US politics and US-China relations.

Blaming China will not help solve the US' economic woes

[2017-03-17 07:10]

Speaking in Michigan on Wednesday afternoon, US President Donald Trump continued to blame the North American Free Trade Agreement for the loss of nearly a third of US manufacturing jobs and China for the loss of 60,000 factories since China's accession to the World Trade Organization.

Time for a change to one-size-fits-all retirement policy

[2017-03-11 10:07]

The 2016 US presidential candidates and flight attendants certainly challenge Chinese thinking about age and retirement.

China and US would gain from ditching of zero-sum mentality

[2017-03-03 07:20]

A zero-sum mentality, which refers to game theory in which a gain for one side means an equal loss for another, has dominated the thinking of some when they look at China-US relations.

Lessons can still be learned from Nixon's historic trip 45 years ago

[2017-02-24 07:12]

Tuesday marked the 45th anniversary of the historic trip to China by US president Richard Nixon, a trip that ended more than two decades of hostilities between the two nations and a trip that Nixon called "a week that changed the world".

Contrary to claims, Trump has shown diplomatic wisdom

[2017-02-17 08:19]

US President Donald Trump has taken a lot of heat for stating in a "lengthy" and "extremely cordial" phone talk with President Xi Jinping last week that he would honor the one-China policy.

Made in USA is hypocritical political correctness

[2017-02-10 07:40]

It is sad to see such hypocritical political correctness of Made in USA permeating the world's most advanced nation in the 21st century.

Cooperation could make both China and US great again

[2017-02-03 07:43]

China and the US should find common ground and pursue win-win cooperation rather than indulging in zero-sum thinking. By expanding win-win cooperation, the US can help make China great again while China can help make America great again.

US states legalizing the use of marijuana baffles many Chinese

[2017-01-20 07:16]

The debate about the pros and cons of marijuana is far from over in the US, and it goes far beyond the health and medical realm.

Time for US politicians to stop misinforming public about China-US relations

[2017-01-13 07:51]

It is time to stop the spreading of fake news and misinformation about China-US relations.

US and China should learn to tango rather than fight a trade war

[2017-01-06 07:30]

The severe smog that shrouds Chinese cities and the traffic woes that haunt US cities are reminders of how much the two countries can learn from and help each other in tackling such issues instead of engaging in a trade war which the incoming US administration has hinted it will initiate.

Abe's no-apology Pearl Harbor visit serves no purpose

[2016-12-29 09:53]

It is puzzling why it is so hard for Abe to just say the word "apologize" to seek the forgiveness of nations and people that were victims of Japanese atrocities.

Navarro another blow to US-China ties

[2016-12-24 06:57]

US president-elect Donald Trump is known for his anti-China rhetoric on the campaign trail, such as threatening to impose up to 45 percent tariffs on Chinese products and calling China a currency manipulator.

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