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Desperate Housewives 《绝望主妇》精讲十五

2009-06-26 16:45
I just drained a pitcher of martinis. I'm not buying it.

Desperate Housewives 《绝望主妇》精讲十四

2009-06-25 08:47
The houselights are up, Gaby. You can drop the act. You only helped me get this job because you needed a spy.

Desperate Housewives 《绝望主妇》精讲十三

2009-06-22 08:26
We're turning into what we used to be. I'm unhappy at home; you’re always working, trying to buy me off with presents, too tired to make me feel loved.

Desperate Housewives 《绝望主妇》精讲十二

2009-06-17 16:51
If you're as bad at coaching as you are at office politics, your daughter won't be missing much.

Desperate Housewives 《绝望主妇》精讲十一

2009-06-16 08:27
If there were some sordid childhood trauma we could blame it on, it would really help me out with the neighbors.

Desperate Housewives 《绝望主妇》精讲之十

2009-06-12 17:07
But just to be on the safe side, if I fall in my tub again, let me die there.

Desperate Housewives 《绝望主妇》精讲之九

2009-06-10 13:52
It is double coupon day, sort of like the Oscars and the super bowl all rolled into one.

Desperate Housewives 《绝望主妇》精讲之八

2009-06-08 16:36
I want you to say that for $300 an hour, you have some lawyer tricks up your sleeve to help me protect my business.

Desperate Housewives 《绝望主妇》精讲之七

2009-06-05 17:31
If I have not been clear about how I feel about you, I apologize for any ambiguity. Understand this--I detest you.

Desperate Housewives 《绝望主妇》精讲之六

2009-06-03 16:55
I don't know, jealousy? Jackson thinks mike is still hung up on me.

Desperate Housewives 《绝望主妇》精讲之五

2009-06-01 09:14
I know Tom. He's going to learn how to count to ten in Chinese, then he'll get bored and move on to his new dream of becoming a beekeeper.

Desperate Housewives 《绝望主妇》精讲之四

2009-05-27 16:55
What is so great about the track? I was on it. I did everything I was supposed to. It chewed me up and spit me out.

Desperate Housewives 《绝望主妇》精讲之三

2009-05-25 17:09
Okay, I went a little overboard. You know me...two margaritas, and I need a muzzle.

Desperate Housewives 《绝望主妇》精讲之二

2009-05-22 17:26
My daughter's gotten so snooty. I am forcing her to spend time with the great unwashed. You wanna ditch this place for a cappuccino?

Desperate Housewives 《绝望主妇》精讲之一

2009-05-20 17:28
While our friends are toasting to our everlasting happiness, we can yell, "surprise! It's all a sham! Thanks for the crock-pot!"

Mamma mia! 《妈妈咪呀》精讲之四

2009-05-18 15:48
I'm gonna level with you, Harry. I don't think I can do this. Well, she's a wonderful girl, but can I take her on in my life?

Mamma mia! 《妈妈咪呀》精讲之三

2009-05-15 16:54
It cost me ten quid plus my Johnny Rotten T-shirt. Your mother knew quite a rebel.

Mamma mia! 《妈妈咪呀》精讲之二

2009-05-13 17:31
Oh, please, I'm getting married; I'm not joining a convent!

Mamma mia! 《妈妈咪呀》精讲之一

2009-05-11 18:14
I feel like there's a part of me missing, and when I meet my dad, everything will fall into place.

Madagascar 2 《马达加斯加 2》精讲之三

2009-05-08 14:05
A performance! I think that's up my alley. If it's a tradition,I want to do it. Strut my stuff. Earn my mane. I want to be Alaki.