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The Lake House《触不到的恋人》(精讲之六)

2007-01-05 17:34
Do you know how I can get in touch with him? Is he--?

The Lake House《触不到的恋人》(精讲之五)

2007-01-04 10:10
I'll admit that I do sometimes get a few steps ahead of myself.

The Lake House《触不到的恋人》(精讲之四)

2006-12-31 10:19
Containment and control. This house is about ownership, not connection.

The Lake House《触不到的恋人》(精讲之三)

2006-12-29 10:39
It's like Nietzsche says: "Life would be senseless--" "Without music."


2006-12-27 16:45

The Lake House《触不到的恋人》(精讲之二)

2006-12-27 09:48
But if she's not careful, she could spend her whole life waiting.

The Lake House《触不到的恋人》(精讲之一)

2006-12-25 11:02
On your day off, get as far away from this place as you can. Go someplace where you feel most like yourself.

Friends 1 《老友记》1(精讲十八)

2006-12-22 11:15
This is a poker game. You can't serve food with more than one syllable. It's gotta be like chips...

Friends 1 《老友记》1(精讲十七)

2006-12-20 10:23
Okay, you were right. You were right! This was just not worth it.

Friends 1 《老友记》1(精讲十六)

2006-12-18 13:56
It doesn't matter. You don't dip your pen in the company ink.

Friends 1 《老友记》1(精讲十五)

2006-12-15 10:25
This is not a negotiation, this is, this is a rejection!

Friends 1 《老友记》1(精讲十四)

2006-12-13 10:33
Well then ask yourself this. Why do you think we keep ending up together?

Friends 1 《老友记》1(精讲十三)

2006-12-11 10:50
And I always figured, when the right one comes along, I'd be able to be a stand-up guy and go the distance...

Desperate Housewives 1《绝望主妇》1(精讲之六)

2006-12-08 16:46
The shoppers come to sift through the discarded belongings of someone they don't really know,in the hopes of...

Desperate Housewives 1《绝望主妇》1(精讲之五)

2006-12-06 19:52
Did you bat your eyes? You know, it doesn't work if you don't bat your eyes.

Desperate Housewives 1《绝望主妇》1(精讲之四)

2006-12-04 15:24
Labels are important to the living. They dictate how people see themselves.

Desperate Housewives 1《绝望主妇》1(精讲之三)

2006-12-01 15:16
I realize now that I just can't carry that around anymore, so, apology or no apology, I'm moving on.

Desperate Housewives 1《绝望主妇》1(精讲之二)

2006-11-29 16:04
When a man buys a woman expensive jewelry, there are many things he may want in return.

Desperate Housewives 1《绝望主妇》1(精讲之一)

2006-11-27 17:28
So, how's domestic life? Don't you just love being a mom?

Friends 1 《老友记》1(精讲十二)

2006-11-24 10:27
I snapped, okay? I couldn't handle the pressure and I snapped.