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The Simpsons movie《辛普森一家》精讲之一

2008-01-21 19:42
For the latest rock band to die in our town. Lord, hear our prayer.


2008-01-19 14:11
This is the day we met. You were down by the surf.


2008-01-16 17:08
You'll remember me in the morning and you'll come to me, and you'll tell me about us...


2008-01-14 16:42
Constantly talking isn't necessarily communicating.


2008-01-11 15:56
It's you, Joel. It's you who can't commit to anything.


2008-01-09 16:54
Hi, Joel. No jokes about my name. Oh no. You wouldn't do that.


2008-01-07 16:08
Today is a holiday invented by greeting card companies to make people feel like crap.


2008-01-04 14:07
The truth? You wouldn't know the truth if it kicked you in the head.


2008-01-02 14:42
Man, male egos. I don't know how you guys make it through the day with them.


2007-12-28 16:00
I understand the courage it takes to walk across a room and try to generate a...

2007 影视英语精彩推荐

2007-12-26 09:27


2007-12-24 17:19
You know what your problem is, Hitch? You're all about the short game.


2007-12-21 19:40
I think it's great that you're so good at your job. I'm just a little worried as to why.


2007-12-19 19:32
Any man has a chance to sweep any woman off her feet. Just needs the right broom.

Open season《丛林大反攻》精讲之六

2007-12-17 17:08
Time to run these guys back to town.

Open season《丛林大反攻》精讲之五

2007-12-14 16:36
Remind you of home. Sweet, salty home.

Open season《丛林大反攻》精讲之四

2007-12-12 17:45
Think, Boog. She's mad, but you can fix this.

Open season《丛林大反攻》精讲之三

2007-12-10 17:11
You saved my life. That means that you're responsible for me.

Open season《丛林大反攻》精讲之二

2007-12-07 16:15
You've got it all twisted. This here is my home.

Open season《丛林大反攻》精讲之一

2007-12-06 18:02
Please, put your hands together for Boog.