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Sabrina 《情归巴黎》(精讲之六)

2006-08-18 10:52
She's probably having her beverage service right about now.

Sabrina 《情归巴黎》(精讲之五)

2006-08-16 08:53
How could you do what you did to me and her? How could you go that far?

Sabrina 《情归巴黎》(精讲之四)

2006-08-14 09:06
And it's like everything is asleep... and... I used to walk everywhere in Paris.

Sabrina 《情归巴黎》(精讲之三)

2006-08-11 09:31
It's as though a lovely breeze has swept through this whole house.

Sabrina 《情归巴黎》(精讲之二)

2006-08-09 10:15
You've been pushing me into this relationship with Elizabeth so you could engineer a merger with Tyson.

Sabrina 《情归巴黎》(精讲之一)

2006-08-07 10:56
How can he forget someone he doesn't know exists?

Pride & Prejudice 《傲慢与偏见》(精讲之六)

2006-08-04 11:25
Indeed you're mistaken. I cannot account for this honour at all.

Pride & Prejudice 《傲慢与偏见》(精讲之五)

2006-08-02 10:30
You were the last man in the world I could ever be prevailed upon to marry.

Pride & Prejudice 《傲慢与偏见》(精讲之四)

2006-07-31 09:48
Sir, I am honored by your proposal, but I regret that I must decline it.

Pride & Prejudice 《傲慢与偏见》(精讲之三)

2006-07-28 10:13
Perhaps by and by I may observe that private balls are much pleasanter than public ones.

Pride & Prejudice 《傲慢与偏见》(精讲之二)

2006-07-26 09:26
And would you consider pride a fault or a virtue?

Pride & Prejudice 《傲慢与偏见》(精讲之一)

2006-07-24 10:42
Only the deepest love will persuade me into matrimony...

Cinderella 2 《灰姑娘》2 (精讲之六)

2006-07-21 10:40
You see? Dreams do come true.

Cinderella 2 《灰姑娘》2 (精讲之五)

2006-07-19 09:45
I guess there are some things only a mouse can do.

Cinderella 2 《灰姑娘》2 (精讲之四)

2006-07-17 09:59
When you follow your heart you'll shine bright as the sun.

Cinderella 2 《灰姑娘》2 (精讲之三)

2006-07-14 09:40
There are rules about breakfast?

Cinderella 2 《灰姑娘》2 (精讲之二)

2006-07-11 19:01
We have a princess now. It's her duty to plan the banquet.

Cinderella 2 《灰姑娘》2 (精讲之一)

2006-07-10 10:48
How's about "First Day in Castle"?

Sleepless in Seattle 西雅图夜未眠(精讲之六)

2006-07-07 10:32
There was someone I'm supposed to meet. He's probably not there. But if I don't at least look...

Sleepless in Seattle 西雅图夜未眠(精讲之五)

2006-07-05 09:57
You have to find her, Jonah. You have to go to her.