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The Dark Knight《暗夜骑士》精讲之一

2009-03-16 17:10
I'm putting the word out. Five hundred grand for this clown dead. A million alive, so I can teach him some manners first.

The Reader《朗读者》精讲之三

2009-03-13 14:04
Or do you just want to feel better yourself? My advice, go to the theatre, if you want catharsis, please. Go to literature. Don't go to the camps. Nothing comes out of the camps. Nothing.

The Reader《朗读者》精讲之二

2009-03-11 14:46
she was making these women read aloud to her. They were reading to her. At first we thought this guard, this guard is...more sensitive, she's more human, she's kinder.

The Reader《朗读者》精讲之一

2009-03-09 16:46
Away from your parents? I'm aware I was difficult. I wasn't always open with you. I'm not open with anyone...

Slumdog Millionaire 《贫民窟百万富翁》精讲之三

2009-03-06 14:58
That was wicked. I felt like a kid in a candy shop, really. There were all these beautiful girls. Yeah, Freida [Pinto, who plays Latika], she told me after our first audition she felt like a bit of a pedophile after our first love scene...

Slumdog Millionaire 《贫民窟百万富翁》精讲之二

2009-03-04 15:39
Too obvious. There's definitely an Oxford Circus in London There's a rowing race between Oxford and Cambridge, so there's probably a Cambridge Circus too, no? I'll go for D. London.

Slumdog Millionaire 《贫民窟的百万富翁》精讲之一

2009-03-02 19:47
The Taj Mahal was built by Emperor Khurrama for his wife Mumtaz, who was the maximum beautiful woman in the world.

Sex and the City《欲望都市电影版》精讲之三

2009-02-27 20:51
So Louise from St. Louis, I just have one more question. How does an unemployed girl with three roommates...afford the patchwork denim bowley Louis Vuitton bag?

Sex and the City《欲望都市电影版》精讲之二

2009-02-25 18:44
Steve is all about the "I'm sorry." "I'm sorry" e-mails, "I'm sorry" voice mails... "I'm sorry" flowers…"I'm sorry" cards. How about, don't do anything to be "I'm sorry" for?

Sex and the City《欲望都市电影版》精讲之一

2009-02-23 19:41
When I saw it in the catalog and I said to Smith, this flower ring is the essence of me. One of a kind, filled with fire.


2009-02-20 17:47
You know what, Alex? I promise you I'm gonna find you a steak tomorrow even it kills me.


2009-02-18 18:55
Come on, Alex. Do you honestly think I intended all of this to happen? You want me to say that I'm sorry? Is that what you want? Okay, I'm...


2009-02-16 18:04
Do not interrupt me when I'm daydreaming. When a zebra's in the zone, leave him alone.

A River Runs Through It《大河恋》精讲之三

2009-02-13 18:11
Why don't you come with us to Chicago? It's 2,000 miles away. They got more than a dozen papers there. You'd be right in the middle of things. What do you say? Come with us

A River Runs Through It《大河恋》精讲之二

2009-02-11 17:58
Watching A River Runs Through It is a little like leafing through an old photograph album. It conjures up feelings and images, many of them bittersweet, and all of them nostalgic.

A River Runs Through It《大河恋》精讲之一

2009-02-09 19:36
To him, all good things, trout as well as eternal salvation, come by grace. And grace comes by art, and art does not come easy.


2009-02-06 16:53
Spain has fallen to the charms of Evita. She can do what she likes. It doesn't matter much.


2009-02-04 17:27
To think that a man as famous as you are could love a poor little nothing like me.


2009-02-02 18:42
Argentina has gone to town over the death of an actress called Eva Peron. We've all gone crazy mourning all day and mourning all night, falling over ourselves to get all of the misery right.

Ratatouille 《料理鼠王》精讲之三

2009-01-28 08:38
The whole thing is a setup! The boy knows! Look at him out there, pretending to be an idiot. He's toying with my mind like a cat with a ball of... something.