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Prison Break 1《越狱》1(精讲之八)

2007-02-23 17:23
And this is the part where I extend a formal invitation.

Prison Break 1《越狱》1(精讲之七)

2007-02-21 17:30
We need to focus on the real question. Who wanted Terrence Steadman dead?

Garfield 2《加菲猫》2(精讲之六)

2007-02-16 09:15
We stand and we kick royal butt. Trust me, if you beasts can bake a two-cheese lasagna, you can beat Dargis.

Garfield 2《加菲猫》2(精讲之五)

2007-02-14 17:39
Jon. Man, I've been such a stupid, selfish cat. I've lost my friend. I've got to find him.

Garfield 2《加菲猫》2(精讲之四)

2007-02-12 19:23
When history speaks of me, and she will, I want to be remembered as the ''Party Prince.''

Garfield 2《加菲猫》2(精讲之三)

2007-02-09 17:21
Oh, I know this drill. They won't crack up, no matter what you do.

Garfield 2《加菲猫》2(精讲之二)

2007-02-07 17:30
Like a son to me, I leave all my worldly possessions to my beloved kitty, Prince the 12th.

Garfield 2《加菲猫》2(精讲之一)

2007-02-05 19:01
Look, I like you, but not as a spouse. Maybe as a servant, we could stay together, make it work.

Prison Break 1《越狱》1(精讲之六)

2007-02-02 18:48
There are three things for certain in life---death, taxes and count.

Prison Break 1《越狱》1(精讲之五)

2007-01-31 20:09
There are eyes, ears, dots that couldn't be connected from the outside.

Prison Break 1《越狱》1(精讲之四)

2007-01-29 17:19
Halfway houses, psych visits, meds, checking in with a P.O., urine tests, keeping a job... No. Why you ask?

Prison Break 1《越狱》1(精讲之三)

2007-01-26 20:26
Are you crazy?! You think I want to break out of here? 16 months from now, I'm out the gate.

Prison Break 1《越狱》1(精讲之二)

2007-01-24 17:46
You came all the way down here to tell me how guilty I am?

Prison Break 1《越狱》1(精讲之一)

2007-01-22 17:04
This is the police. You are completely surrounded. Put down your weapon. Put down your weapon now.

Desperate Housewives 1《绝望主妇》1(精讲十二)

2007-01-19 15:23
In those last moments, it occurred to her, in addition to being boring, life could also be very cruel.

Desperate Housewives 1《绝望主妇》1(精讲十一)

2007-01-17 19:33
As God as my witness, it will snow on the hills of hell, before I ever feel sorry for you again!

Desperate Housewives 1《绝望主妇》1(精讲之十)

2007-01-15 15:39
I have dug myself up from dirt to afford these things, and no one is going to take them away from me!

Desperate Housewives 1《绝望主妇》1(精讲之九)

2007-01-12 12:48
Because I disagree. Because we're still getting divorced, and I don't have to let you push me around anymore.

Desperate Housewives 1《绝望主妇》1(精讲之八)

2007-01-10 17:17
I hate myself for what we did! Okay? I can't sleep at night! I've got to make a clean break.

Desperate Housewives 1《绝望主妇》1(精讲之七)

2007-01-08 17:22
Well he better be good, because when I'm finished with you, you won't have a cent to your name!