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Little Miss Sunshine《阳光小美女》(精讲之三)

2007-05-25 17:57
Little Miss Sunshine! Little Miss Sunshine! I won! I won! I'm going! We're going!

Little Miss Sunshine《阳光小美女》(精讲之二)

2007-05-23 17:22
Olive, um, Uncle Frank didn't really have an accident. What happened was he...tried to kill himself.

Little Miss Sunshine《阳光小美女》(精讲之一)

2007-05-21 19:52
So who do you hang out with? No one? What about your family?

A Walk in the Clouds《云中漫步》(精讲之三)

2007-05-18 17:26
Alberto: Don't you have chocolates to sell? Paul: Family comes first.

A Walk in the Clouds《云中漫步》(精讲之二)

2007-05-16 17:18
Miss Aragon. Victoria. There's me.

A Walk in the Clouds《云中漫步》(精讲之一)

2007-05-14 19:58
But, you know...in the war, I had time to think about what's important, about what I want out of life for me, for us.


2007-05-11 21:23
Look, we have to ask you something. Do you know who's opened the Chamber of Secrets?


2007-05-10 18:29
I spoke a different language? But I didn't realize -- how can I speak a language without knowing I can?


2007-05-08 17:47
Not to be rude or anything, but this isn't a great time for me to have a house-elf in my bedroom.


2007-05-06 09:33
Nothing, I repeat, nothing gives a student the right to walk about the school at night.


2007-05-03 09:23
Five points will be awarded to each of you, for sheer dumb luck.


2007-04-29 17:07
I'm Harry. Harry Potter.

The Queen《女王》(精讲之六)

2007-04-27 15:33
I prefer to keep my feelings to myself, and foolishly, I believed that was what people wanted from their Queen...

The Queen《女王》(精讲之五)

2007-04-25 17:40
...so what I say to you now, as your Queen, and as a grandmother, I say from my heart.

The Queen《女王》(精讲之四)

2007-04-23 18:35
That's the way we do things in this country - quietly, with dignity.

The Queen《女王》(精讲之三)

2007-04-20 17:21
Charles and I had a talk in the car today. He was good enough to share with me his thoughts on motherhood.

The Queen《女王》(精讲之二)

2007-04-18 21:04
She was the people's princess and that's how she will... stay, how she will remain... in our hearts...

The Queen《女王》(精讲之一)

2007-04-16 20:47
Diana is no longer a member of the royal family. She's not an HRH. This is, this is a private matter.


2007-04-13 18:23
Commodore, I beg you, please do this for me. As a wedding gift.


2007-04-11 18:59
Now you see, Jack, that's exactly the attitude that lost you the Pearl.