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2008-06-28 13:16
"One pound of flesh, no more, no less. No cartilage, no bone, but only flesh."


2008-06-26 21:07
Over the next seven days, Detective, you'll do me the favor of remembering that.

Runaway Bride《落跑新娘》精讲之五

2008-06-24 15:30
Wherever it is, she'll be there by 10:30 tomorrow.

Runaway Bride《落跑新娘》精讲之四

2008-06-20 11:40
I hope you've got a new angle because it's all pretty much been covered.

Runaway Bride《落跑新娘》精讲之三

2008-06-18 17:29
Why else would you print a piece of fiction about me and call it fact?

Runaway Bride《落跑新娘》精讲之二

2008-06-16 16:56
They love you. They hate you. They're hot. They're cold. They're high.

Runaway Bride《落跑新娘》精讲之一

2008-06-13 17:47
I need someone to bounce some ideas off of and get the juices flowing.

Brokeback Mountain《断背山》精讲之六

2008-06-04 09:41
I suppose they'd appreciate it if his wishes was carried out. About the ashes, I mean.

Brokeback Mountain《断背山》精讲之五

2008-06-02 09:27
The truth is... sometimes I miss you so much, I can hardly stand it.

Brokeback Mountain《断背山》精讲之四

2008-05-30 09:14
Maybe he's not the marrying kind.

Brokeback Mountain《断背山》精讲之三

2008-05-28 15:21
You ever notice how a woman will powder her nose before she goes to a party?

Brokeback Mountain《断背山》精讲之二

2008-05-26 11:46
I don't need your money, huh? You know, I ain't in the poorhouse. Shit!

Brokeback Mountain《断背山》精讲之一

2008-05-22 21:13
Your folks just stop at Ennis?


2008-05-15 21:33
It's not about the quality of the books anymore. It's only about the marketing.


2008-05-13 17:47
Uh, your getting remarried, that is. And, uh, I was kind of taken aback.


2008-05-11 11:10
The chick digs you, man! She lit up like a pinball machine when she found out your...


2008-05-08 17:27
I think that you waited for some good reason and that you proposed to Christine for...


2008-05-05 15:31
I just thought it would be nice for us to be together as a family on my birthday.


2008-05-02 17:46
Somebody finally arrived. You finally got here. Mr. Prompt.

Keeping mum《保持缄默》精讲之六

2008-04-28 17:35
This cannot go on, Mother! I've had it enough.