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2007-04-09 17:10
"Leverage", says you. "I think I feel a change in the wind," says I.


2007-04-06 18:28
If you spring me from this cell, I swear on pain of death I shall take you to the Black Pearl and your bonny lass.


2007-04-04 18:36
Gentlemen, milady. You will always remember this as the day that you almost caught...Capitan Jack Sparrow.


2007-04-02 18:34
This promotion throws into sharp relief that which I have not yet achieved a marriage to a fine woman.

The Patriot《爱国者》(精讲之六)

2007-03-30 10:30
You matter to your men and to others as well. Your victories and your losses are shared by more than you know.

The Patriot《爱国者》(精讲之五)

2007-03-28 18:01
To your mind, what are appropriate levels of hostile attention?

The Patriot《爱国者》(精讲之四)

2007-03-26 19:10
Will you know, when you are needed most, stop at only words?

The Patriot《爱国者》(精讲之三)

2007-03-23 16:59
Harry, they're not soldiers, they're farmers. They'd be better off letting the British just march through.

The Patriot《爱国者》(精讲之二)

2007-03-22 16:46
He was in the flank. All around us. Amongst us. I could barely see him. He was there, then he was gone.

The Patriot《爱国者》(精讲之一)

2007-03-20 10:32
I'm a parent. I don't have the luxury of principles.

The devil wears Prada 《时尚女魔头》(精讲之六)

2007-03-16 17:25
Another divorce... splashed across Page Six. I can just imagine what they're gonna write about me.

The devil wears Prada 《时尚女魔头》(精讲之五)

2007-03-14 15:22
That's your answer for everything lately, "I didn't have a choice."

The devil wears Prada 《时尚女魔头》(精讲之四)

2007-03-12 16:42
Let me know when your whole life goes up in smoke. That means it's time for a promotion.

The devil wears Prada 《时尚女魔头》(精讲之三)

2007-03-09 18:24
Well, this is Miranda Priestly we're talking about. There is no Plan "B". There's only Plan "A".

The devil wears Prada 《时尚女魔头》(精讲之二)

2007-03-07 20:53
Andy, be serious. You are not trying. You are whining.

The devil wears Prada 《时尚女魔头》(精讲之一)

2007-03-05 19:36
All right, everyone! Gird your loins!

Prison Break 1《越狱》1(精讲十二)

2007-03-02 17:59
You said it yourself: it's impossible. Listen, man, I'm telling you, one of us has got to take a hike.

Prison Break 1《越狱》1(精讲十一)

2007-03-01 16:07
Michael, we're both adults, put your cards on the table.

Prison Break 1《越狱》1(精讲之十)

2007-02-27 17:40
Quid pro quo. You scratch my back, I scratch yours.

Prison Break 1《越狱》1(精讲之九)

2007-02-25 19:10
It was just... easier... to look the other way... keep the plan safe.