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2008-03-08 15:04
You've been putting it up your whole life. You just didn't know it.


2008-03-04 17:41
Told me that he'd been planning to kill somebody for about as long as he could...


2008-02-29 18:55
You're something else.


2008-02-27 16:40
I mean can't we just kick this old school?


2008-02-25 17:06
I'm pregnant.


2008-02-22 15:55
Your baby probably has a beating heart, you know?


2008-02-21 17:20
No, it's Morgan Freeman, do you have any bones that need collecting?


2008-02-19 17:06
That ain't no Etch-a-Sketch, this is one doodle that can't be undid, homeskillet.

You've got mail《电子情缘》精讲之六

2008-02-15 16:26
A snap to find one thing, a person in the world who fills your heart with joy.

You've got mail《电子情缘》精讲之五

2008-02-13 14:16
What? You don't love me? Me either.

You've got mail《电子情缘》精讲之四

2008-02-11 09:19
You are nothing but a suit.

You've got mail《电子情缘》精讲之三

2008-02-08 09:39
"Save The Shop Around The Corner and you will save your soul."

You've got mail《电子情缘》精讲之二

2008-02-05 11:38
Tell me something really, how do you sleep at night?

You've got mail《电子情缘》精讲之一

2008-02-03 11:19
A children's bookstore, Shop Around The Corner. It's been there forever.

The Simpsons movie《辛普森一家》精讲之六

2008-02-01 14:51
Homer, I've always stood up for you.

The Simpsons movie《辛普森一家》精讲之五

2008-01-30 16:42
This lake is just one piece of trash away from a toxic nightmare.

The Simpsons movie《辛普森一家》精讲之四

2008-01-28 14:08
Then say hello to the newest Simpson.

The Simpsons movie《辛普森一家》精讲之三

2008-01-25 15:56
Stop in the name of American squeamishness!

The Simpsons movie《辛普森一家》精讲之二

2008-01-23 15:40
He's pure gold, for once in your life, be cool.