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Friends 1 《老友记》1(精讲十一)

2006-11-22 10:23
She's distraught. You're there for her. You pick up the pieces, and then you usher in the age of Ross!

Friends 1 《老友记》1(精讲之十)

2006-11-20 10:41
...But a man can change.

Friends 1 《老友记》1(精讲之九)

2006-11-17 09:58
Very difficult to appreciate a Thanksgiving dinner once you've seen it in reverse.

Friends 1 《老友记》1(精讲之八)

2006-11-15 09:25
You're watching a football game at a funeral?

Friends 1 《老友记》1(精讲之七)

2006-11-13 10:51
So, you know, for all of those people who miss out on that passion... thing, there's all that other good stuff.

Love actually《真爱至上》精讲之六

2006-11-10 09:52
She can't speak English properly. She doesn't know anything.

Love actually《真爱至上》精讲之五

2006-11-08 09:42
Almost finished, what else gonna be. Are you gonna dip it in your yogurt, cover it with chocolate buttons?

Love actually《真爱至上》精讲之四

2006-11-06 09:18
But, you never talked to me. You always talk to Peter. You don't like me.

Love actually《真爱至上》精讲之三

2006-11-03 10:18
And a friend who bullies us is no longer a friend.

Love actually《真爱至上》精讲之二

2006-11-01 09:32
...so she's going to say her final farewell to you not through me but, inevitably, ever so coolly...

Love actually《真爱至上》精讲之一

2006-10-30 15:10
If you look for it, I've got a sneaky feeling love actually is all around.

Monalisa Smile《蒙娜丽莎的微笑》精讲之六

2006-10-27 09:54
I came to Wellesley because I wanted to make a difference. But to change for others... is to lie to yourself.

Monalisa Smile《蒙娜丽莎的微笑》精讲之五

2006-10-25 09:01
Men take women to the cape in the winter when they're embarrassed to be seen with them.

Monalisa Smile 《蒙娜丽莎的微笑》精讲之四

2006-10-23 10:15
So the choice is yours, ladies. You can conform to what other people expect or you can--

Monalisa Smile 《蒙娜丽莎的微笑》精讲之三

2006-10-20 10:24
Look beyond the paint. Let us try to open our minds to a new idea.

Monalisa Smile 《蒙娜丽莎的微笑》精讲之二

2006-10-18 09:34
Well, don't fool yourself. They have claws underneath their white gloves.

Monalisa Smile 《蒙娜丽莎的微笑》精讲之一

2006-10-16 10:25
Katherine Watson didn't come to Wellesley to fit in.

The Graduate 《毕业生》(精讲之五)

2006-10-12 11:03
Nervous. Nervous? Well, I am a bit nervous. I mean it's - it's pretty hard to be suave when you're -

The Graduate 《毕业生》(精讲之四)

2006-10-10 10:05
Take things as they come. Have a good time with the girls and so forth.

The Graduate 《毕业生》(精讲之三)

2006-10-08 09:00
Benjamin, I am getting pretty tired of all this suspicion.