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  • Sister act leads to China magazine

    2013-04-05 23:18

    Lin Tengrootenhuysen and her younger sister An developed an interest in China as kindergarten teachers when they began looking after the children of some local Chinese restaurant owners during weekends.

  • Mo Yan says award led to mood swings

    2013-04-03 09:08

    Sharing a stage with J.M. Coetzee, the 2003 Nobel laureate in literature, Mo Yan revealed publicly on Tuesday his mood change after winning his own such prize.

  • A royal encyclopedia

    2013-04-01 23:59

    With a dozen books about the last royal family under his name, Jia Yinghua is known as a living encyclopedia of the imperial court.Ci Xi's China 

  • Yue-sai Kan: Life is a competition

    2013-03-28 09:51

    On the afternoon of March 26, fashion icon Yue-Sai Kan unveiled her latest book, Life Is a Competition, at the Zhongguanchun Bookstore in Beijing.

  • Translations lag behind

    2013-03-25 11:13

    Russians had their first translation of Chinese literature before the Chinese got translations of Russian literature. But Chinese literature in Russia lags behind.

  • A long chapter's lasting journey

    2013-03-25 11:05

    William A.P. Martin, the US missionary who first translated Russian literature into Chinese, which appeared in a Shanghai magazine in 1872, would never have expected Russian works to go on a lasting journey deep into the neighboring country.

  • Expats on the loose in Beijing

    2013-03-19 10:13

    A group of foreigners gathered over the weekend to speak about their new anthology.Unleashing of a Celtic dragon Asian art auction to launch in NYC

  • Literary fest an opening up for country's authors

    2013-03-19 09:42

    This year's Bookworm International Literary Festival features authors whose works focus on urban life.'A timeless adventure'

  • 'A timeless adventure'

    2013-03-19 09:28

    I was a bit nervous about attending the Capital Literary Festival Beijing as I thought the panel discussion for the anthology Unsavory Elements would be a bit dry and hosted by old-China hands.

  • Giving chase to a cold case

    2013-03-12 15:45

    Fictional detective Louis Kincaid is back and tangled in yet another eerie murder.Tall tales tell kids all about history 

  • Comic relates to Beatle's exit

    2013-03-12 15:45

    Paul McCartney's decision to leave the Beatles and embark on a solo career is the subject of a new comic book that aims to give fans a new perspective.

  • Oates' tale slow to come

    2013-03-12 15:24

    US novelist Joyce Carol Oates' latest novel is in the gothic tradition, but not all of the demons that bedevil its blue-blooded characters are of the supernatural variety.

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