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  • Children's books now more fun, less preachy

    2011-01-05 15:23

    Does China have its very own Harry Potter? Yes, says Gao Hongbo, writer of children's books, but one rooted in Chinese cultural and literary traditions.

  • Uncovering the China story

    2011-01-04 17:02

    Wu Wei, who has toiled for years to introduce Chinese books to the international market, says the world isn't looking for just kungfu, cuisine or pithy wisdom from the Middle Kingdom."International readers also have a keen interest in stories about the country's current development," says the office director of the State-sponsored China Book International (CBI) project.

  • The write stuff

    2011-01-04 17:02

    2010 was a bumper year for Chinese literature. Here are our top picks, as compiled by Mei Jia and Yang Guang, after talking with some of the country's best-known critics and experts in the publishing industry

  • China Daily recommends

    2011-01-04 17:02

    The multilingual versions of the best-selling book promoted by British book agent Toby Eady are considered to be among the most successful Chinese books in the global market. The star-like author shares simple-to-understand wisdom for daily life.

  • Fantasy and realistic fiction most popular among kids

    2010-12-24 08:19

    The winning works of the 8th National Children's Literature Award show the growing diversity and quality of original children's books in Chinese.

  • Works of a childlike heart

    2010-12-24 08:19

    Yang Hongying once met Thomas Brezina, an Austrian writer of children's detective books, at a forum. Facing questions raised by the media and young readers, Yang found most of their answers were amazingly similar.

  • If you're happy and you know it ...

    2010-12-24 08:19

    One of children's author Yang Hongying's earliest fantasies as an elementary schoolteacher in the 1980s was creating a pair of glasses for angry teachers that magnified the merits of their students, so everyone was happy.

  • Of an emperor's mind and motives

    2010-12-03 09:28

    Sima Qian's lively narration of the life of an emperor who preceded him by a century is full of anecdotes, although some of these stories are probably apocryphal.

  • All the king's men

    2010-12-03 09:27

    While nothing compares with seeing one of the country's hottest tourist draws in person, you can make that experience richer with some advance reading on the famed Terracotta Warriors.

  • Writers of young fiction make the most money

    2010-11-26 09:43

    According to the 2010 Top 25 Richest Chinese Writers list, Yang Hongying is at top position with 25 million yuan ($3.76 million). At the bottom, is Jia Pingwa with 1.6 million yuan.

  • Minding her languages

    2010-11-17 16:01

    A Hong Kong-raised author writes in English, but tries to infuse her works with Chinese phrases, Kelly Chung Dawson reports.

  • Snapshots of the silver screen

    2010-11-12 09:31

    A rare peek at the evolution of Chinese cinema over 105 years reveals more than a few classics.