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  • A complex canon

    2013-07-22 23:04

    A leading Australian writer says his Chinese roots add richness to his works, as Brian Castro visits Beijing to talk about his latest novel.

  • Script selection

    2013-07-17 18:35

    Some scripts selected from the 2013 Beijing International Screenwriting Competition.

  • Capturing Beijing through the viewfinder

    2013-07-17 18:30

    American screenwriters taken on the challenge of capturing the real China in an international competition. Awarded writers and their scripts

  • 2013 Beijing International Screenwriting Competition

    2013-07-17 17:56

    American screenwriters taken on the challenge of capturing the real China in an international competition.

  • Subtle style

    2013-07-16 15:05

    A writer who has been in China for 35 years attempts to offer a more nuanced view of where the country is heading. He shares his views with David Bartram.

  • Books by former CPC leaders well received

    2013-07-16 15:05

    As the Communist Party of China has just celebrated its 92nd anniversary on July 1, some newly released books written by former Party leaders are gaining more interest among readers.

  • Crime novel turns bestseller after JK Rowling revealed as author

    2013-07-16 09:51

    A detective novel secretly written by J.K. Rowling surged to the top of bestseller lists after the true identity of the author was revealed.

  • Coming to a screen near you

    2013-07-11 13:43

    Traditional publishers are taking unusual steps as they seek to make the move into the digital age where the printed page is no longer all the rage.

  • Macao Culture series launched

    2013-07-10 09:27

    A series of books examining the culture and history of Macao was launched on Tuesday at the Social Sciences Academic Press in Beijing.

  • Tips from a traveler

    2013-07-09 14:17

    Marc Serena shared his traveling tips with Chinese readers, particularly for people who are traveling to a foreign place, look like a tourist and are wary of con artists.

  • Playful prose

    2013-07-09 14:17

    Storyteller Peter Hessler embraces humor to depict life in China. Writing in first-person narrative, Hessler's work now appears online and elsewhere in Chinese.

  • Author Feng Jicai wins culture award

    2013-07-08 15:12

    Feng Jicai, a well-known author of "scar literature", "retrospective literature" and "culture novels", has won the 22nd Montblanc de la Culture Arts Patronage Award.