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  • Sheng's works

    2012-07-03 10:35

    A list of some of Sheng Keyi's works.

  • French bookstores flourish, with help

    2012-07-02 13:48

    The French, as usual, insist on being different. As independent bookstores close in the United States and Britain, the market in France is doing fine.

  • Unbeatable

    2012-07-02 11:03

    A family of photographer-publishers was awestruck by the Shanghai Expo 2010, and has worked hard to save the memories.

  • Pulling the plug on e-books

    2012-06-26 13:13

    The latest work from the Pulitzer-winning Russo, Interventions, is a tribute to the printed book, while taking a backhanded jab at electronic books and online bookselling.

  • A sweet selection about an election

    2012-06-26 13:12

    23-year-old Tsinghua University graduate was elected as a county-level official in Gansu, just six months after he graduated from university.

  • Lucrative online literature reviewed

    2012-06-26 13:08

    Online literature has become one of the most prosperous creative industries in China, accumulating massive financial value in the past decade.

  • Readers sink teeth into A Bite of China

    2012-06-26 13:05

    The popular TV documentary series A Bite of China has gone into print. A full-color book with the same title was recently released in Beijing.

  • The voice of a generation

    2012-06-26 10:18

    Xu Zechen discovers his niche as a writer, distancing himself from the shadows of his predecessors and successors.

  • Author showcases autograph collection

    2012-06-19 13:57

    Xiong Guangkai, who has served as an army general and strategist for decades, is an ardent collector.

  • A look at an award-winner

    2012-06-19 13:55

    Award-winning photographer Shahudul Alam's latest creation is a photo album that details the author's travels in Bangladesh, Pakistan and China.

  • 40 of the best Chinese artists

    2012-06-19 13:50

    In her latest work, As Seen 2011: Notable Artworks by Chinese Artists, Karen Smith chronicles artworks by 40 Chinese artists to capture the essence of the art scene.

  • Book pays tribute to space program

    2012-06-19 13:48

    China has taken a significant step in its space exploration with the successful launch of Shenzhou IX on Saturday.