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  • An author who confronts our demons

    2011-08-05 10:57

    A brief introduction to Cun Wenxue's book Biluo Snow Mountain.

  • In brief

    2011-07-29 10:55

    Pearl Buck (1892-1973), the daughter of missionaries and the first US woman to win a Nobel for literature, spent nearly all of the first 42 years of her life in China, and her childhood was marked by poverty and social upheavals.

  • Thriller with a cause

    2011-07-29 10:39

    Daphna Ziman is on a mission to help foster children, and she's picked a novel way to do it - novel, being the key word.

  • Real life dreams

    2011-07-29 10:37

    A journalist is chronicling the true stories of 100 ordinary, yet representative, people in a 10-volume book series.

  • What they say

    2011-07-22 11:24

    Commentaries on Yang Jiang's three books: We Three, Baptism, and Six Chapters from My Life "Downunder" and her translation works.

  • Indian trilogy writer strikes 'black gold'

    2011-07-22 11:05

    Indian writer Amitav Ghosh's novels sometimes read like an encyclopedia. His newest, River of Smoke (John Murray) could, just as well, be read as a scholarly discourse on the life and times of mid-19th century Cantonese society.

  • Translation, mostly a labor of love

    2011-07-15 13:48

    Given that only 3 percent of what's published in English is translation, if you're in the business as a niche publisher/translator, chances are, you're doing it for love.

  • The slim years

    2011-07-15 13:39

    Chinese authors are still struggling to carve a niche in the global gallery of contemporary literary greats.

  • From 'cartloads of books' to e-publishing

    2011-07-15 13:27

    Published in English by the Foreign Languages Press, From Oracle Bones to E-Publications: Three Millennia of Publishing in China has aroused keen interest.

  • Ranking the books

    2011-07-12 09:22

    The best selling imported business and investing titles on amazon.cn

  • Aravind Adiga's new wrecking ball of a novel

    2011-07-08 17:12

    Aravind Adiga, whose debut novel The White Tiger won the Booker prize in 2008, sets his new book in a scruffy tower block in his adopted home of Mumbai, a swirling mass of 16 million people, slums, apartment buildings and Bollywood.

  • An unusual thriller for crime fans

    2011-07-08 15:03

    In what its editor called a publishing first, 26 authors with combined sales of tens of millions of books have joined forces to write a thriller called No Rest For the Dead.