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  • Turning the page on the digital divide

    2012-03-27 11:10

    Amazon announced in May 2011 that its e-book sales had surpassed those of paperbacks and hard covers combined, but it will be a while before Chinese publishers can make such a declaration.

  • Paper vs pixels

    2012-03-22 10:05

    In China, millions of books are sold every day in all forms, even as traditional publishers face off the competition from e-books and the online business module.

  • All booked up with every place to go

    2012-03-22 09:57

    Jackie Huang became an instant star after her speech on the emergence of book agents in China and how they develop their business.

  • Writers: App Store has pirated e-books

    2012-03-20 17:21

    Chinese writers are targeting Apple's App Store, saying it is infringing on their copyrights by offering pirated e-book versions of their work.

  • Author and NPC deputy calls for spirituality

    2012-03-20 13:26

    Alai, one of China's few best-known Tibetan writers, is encouraging some of his peers to readjust their profit-oriented goals and concentrate on artistic quality.

  • 'Responding to the loss of things'

    2012-03-20 13:09

    Even though he has been translated widely in European languages, the first volume of Li Er's work in English was published only recently.

  • Library of Li Er

    2012-03-20 10:39

    One of China's best-known writers of literary fiction talks about his latest anthology of short fiction, and more, to Chitralekha Basu and Yang Guang.

  • Chinese publishers, writers to be featured at London Book Fair

    2012-03-20 09:09

    China will take the stage as the Market Focus of the London Book Fair in April, a senior Chinese official announced in the city on Wednesday.

  • 'A Street Cat Named Bob'

    2012-03-14 09:24

    Street musician James Bowen has written a book named "A Street Cat Named Bob" about the experiences of the then homeless pair and how they met.

  • Guo Jingming's major works

    2012-03-07 13:27

    Guo Jingming believes the charm of his writing lies in his passion in narrating.

  • Guo Jingming on his latest best seller

    2012-03-06 16:16

    Writer Guo Jingming's latest book Tiny Times 3.0 has sold 1.4 million copies in the two months since its release last December.

  • Guo Jingming: man of many parts

    2012-03-06 14:56

    China's best-selling writer Guo Jingming is slim and suavely dressed in a creamy Western-style morning coat and a cute, white bow tie.