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  • 'Di the Pretty'

    2012-08-21 09:51

    Popular young writer Di An has the pedigree to represent her generation as she emphasizes the individual rather than the group.

  • Book fair kicks off in Shanghai

    2012-08-15 17:00

    Book fair kicks off in Shanghai

  • Bookstore: a good place for students to spend vacation

    2012-08-14 14:48

    Bookstore: a good place for students to spend vacation.

  • 'Treasure Island' return

    2012-08-14 11:10

    Writer Andrew Motion, England's former poet laureate, is taking a new generation of readers back to "Treasure Island" in his latest book.

  • Billy Crystal learns to laugh at himself

    2012-08-14 11:04

    Billy Crystal will share his comedic views on life and aging in a new memoir to be published on his 65th birthday in March 2013.

  • Fun ways to raise kids

    2012-08-14 10:53

    Magic of Super Mom is a collection of tips on how to play games with babies between infancy and 3 years old.

  • Three biographies in one book

    2012-08-14 10:49

    A collection of three biographies on Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels and V.L. Lenin has been released recently.

  • Captivating characters

    2012-08-14 10:25

    Hailed as one of China's best children's picture book creators, Xiong Liang says every time he hosts a reading club, it goes on for longer than he expects.

  • Xiong's works

    2012-08-14 10:20

    Works of Xiong Liang, the author of children's picture books.

  • 250,000 books at Royal Festival Hall

    2012-08-01 13:23

    A gallery assistant poses inside a labyrinth installation made up of 250,000 books titled "aMAZEme" at the Royal Festival Hall.

  • Guardians of Nanjing Library's old books

    2012-08-01 13:07

    To Nanjing Library's veteran ancient book restorer, Yang Laijing, mending ancient books is like doing a jigsaw puzzle.

  • Fan of literature

    2012-08-01 10:51

    Gu Duhuang is thrust into the spotlight as his family's ancient book collection set a record high price at a Beijing auction in June.