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  • Music fans tune in to the digital revolution

    2013-04-18 10:14

    Legendary magazine Music Heaven is being resurrected online seven years after its last physical issue was published.The sole survivor

  • Translation biggest obstacle impeding export of Chinese books

    2013-04-17 17:23

    Translation is the biggest obstacle impeding the export of Chinese books, Guo Xiaoyong, vice-president of China International Publishing Group (CIPG), said Tuesday during an interview with Xinhua at the London Book Fair.

  • 'Frida Kahlo, the new face of Mexico'

    2013-04-16 15:30

    F. G. Haghenbeck - whose latest novel, The Secret Book of Frida Kahlo, has just been published in Chinese - made his first visit to China during the Shanghai International Literary Festival in March.

  • Start spreading the word

    2013-04-16 09:35

    The domestic book publishing industry has made great strides forward in working together with their foreign counterparts.

  • Tracing grandfather's footsteps

    2013-04-16 09:19

    Journalist Mark O'Neill thinks his destiny and connections with China started with his grandfather.A pastor's life revisited Zaire legacy

  • A pastor's life revisited

    2013-04-16 09:03

    While many biographies attract readers with juicy anecdotes and vivid reproduction of the past, Mark O'Neill's Frederick: The Story of My Missionary Grandfather reads more like a history book or a long news report.

  • Turning a new page

    2013-04-16 09:03

    Chinese books are receiving growing international attention, partly because of the country's increasing importance and also due to rebranding efforts by publishers.

  • Publisher savoring return to China

    2013-04-09 09:21

    Niels Thomas finds the capital no strange place while working in the Zhongguancun area of Beijing, where universities and the Chinese Academy of Sciences are located.

  • Author's hometown draws tourists

    2013-04-09 02:07

    Tourists swarmed to the hometown of Mo Yan, winner of the 2012 Nobel Prize for Literature.Publisher savoring return to China Book boom

  • A novel kind of dying

    2013-04-08 23:47

    "The novel will die and should die," Chinese author Guo Xiaolu predicted at a recent panel discussion on the future of fiction writing at the Bookworm Literary Festival in Beijing.

  • Book boom

    2013-04-08 23:42

    Springer, one of the world's largest science publishers, is reaching out for more social, economic and humanities titles in China.

  • Getting kids hooked on reading with mystery

    2013-04-07 11:19

    Testing the limits of his readers' courage with fantastical tales of mystery, mummies and vampires, Thomas Brezina's books grab the attention of his young audience.