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  • Book club lays out a clean page for debate

    2011-01-31 07:53

    As Beijing grows into a truly cosmopolitan city, Todd Balazovic learns how a mixed group of book fans are binding together with their shared passion.

  • Saga of that hard stuff

    2011-01-29 07:20

    American crime writer Lawrence Block, 73, starts his Beijing tour with a joke, "Bonjour, I'm happy to be here in Paris."

  • Writers share their literary viewpoints

    2011-01-28 09:10

    Chinese and French writers shared views on their writing and understanding of the two cultures at a Beijing forum on Jan 21 and 22.

  • Bookish magazine serves up spice of life

    2011-01-28 09:08

    "It was an impish concoction, and things were bound to get fervid once hydroxy-alpha-sanshool and capsaicin hooked up."

  • In black and white

    2011-01-28 09:07

    Blue of China is Europe's only publishing house dedicated solely to Chinese books. Yang Guang reports.

  • China's hottest mobile phone magazines revealed

    2011-01-27 14:29

    China Periodicals Association and Viva Mobile Media have jointly announced the 2010 Chart of Chinese Mobile Phone Magazine, the first of its kind.

  • Pushing literature beyond frontiers

    2011-01-24 09:38

    The runaway success of Stieg Larsson's "Millennium" trilogy suggests that when it comes to contemporary literature in translation, Americans are at least willing to read Scandinavian detective fiction.

  • Chinese publications promote Tibetan monastery

    2011-01-17 13:33

    A set of books, pictorials and digital video discs on the history and culture of Labrang Monastery, center of the Yellow Sect of Tibetan Buddhism in northwest China's Gansu Province, were launched Sunday in the provincial capital Lanzhou.

  • Journey through an ancient civilization

    2011-01-14 16:55

    Images of a Civilization is a research project of a group of historians from the National Museum of Chinese History that aims to track the story of Chinese civilization from primitive to contemporary times.

  • Rooted in words

    2011-01-14 14:06

    Many of Chengdu's writers work at night and sleep until late. During the mellow, usually cloud-covered afternoons they prefer to lounge in wicker chairs on the sidewalks of a bar street, chatting, snoozing, playing mahjong, as entrepreneurial China rushes past.

  • Workplace stories, teen romance top novels of 2010

    2011-01-14 10:18

    More than 3,200 novels were published in 2010, with the most popular being about officialdom, the workplace and teen romance.

  • Slang dictionary records changing landscape of Beijing

    2011-01-13 16:03

    The New Beijing Dialect Dictionary, which includes 10,200 entries of words and slang, is the first of its kind published in recent years, after Xu Shirong's Beijing Local Dialect Dictionary (1990).