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  • Hong Kong joins London Book Fair for first time

    2012-04-18 15:34

    Hong Kong took part in the London Book Fair for the first time as part of the celebration for the 15th anniversary of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

  • Bi Feiyu

    2012-04-18 15:30

    Bi Feiyu is often described as China's best male writer on the female psyche.

  • Tsering Norbu

    2012-04-18 15:30

    Tibetan writer Tsering Norbu, born and raised in Lhasa, weaves the mesmerizing world of religion and death in Tibet into his stories.

  • Xi Chuan

    2012-04-18 15:30

    Xi Chuan, one of the most influential poets in contemporary China, has been known since his college days in the mid and late 1980s.

  • Xu Zechen

    2012-04-18 15:29

    Xu Zechen is generally considered one of the burgeoning new stars in China's literary scene.

  • Zhang Yueran

    2012-04-18 15:29

    Zhang Yueran is the representative - and probably most famous - Chinese writer born in the 1980s.

  • Sheng Keyi

    2012-04-18 15:29

    Sheng Keyi is rising as a new force not to be ignored because of her powerful - often called "brutally real" - storytelling.

  • Yang Hongying

    2012-04-18 15:29

    Yang Hongying, as a children's book writer, is known for her best-seller status both in China and overseas.

  • Liu Zhenyun

    2012-04-18 15:29

    Liu Zhenyun is one of the latest Maodun Prize winners for his epic A Word is Worth Thousands.

  • Liu Cixin

    2012-04-18 15:29

    Liu Cixin, eight-time winner of the Galaxy Award, is widely acknowledged as the face of China's sci-fi writing.

  • Li Er

    2012-04-18 15:29

    Li Er is a writer's writer, whose novels are replete with inter-textual references to 20th-century modernists of the western cannon even as he doffs his cap to Qing (1644-1911)-era fictional styles.

  • Mo Yan

    2012-04-18 15:29

    Mo Yan, arguably China's most-watched writer, explores the moral dilemmas around its famed one-child policy (that reportedly saved the world an additional burden of 450 million people) with great sensitivity in his last novel, Frog.