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  • Life's a journey

    2010-11-05 09:21

    No one, it seems, has read from cover-to-cover Zhang Wei's ponderous 10-volume book on four generations of a family caught in the throes of change. But critics have been unstinting in their praise. Yang Guang reports.

  • Book offers insider's guide to nation's security policies

    2010-10-29 10:22

    Xiong Guangkai's The International Situation and Security Strategy provides a military angle to examine the current state of international affairs and its prospects based on the requirements of China's diplomacy in the new era.

  • Treat for readers of Miles Franklin winners

    2010-10-29 10:21

    The Chinese translations of 10 Miles Franklin Award-winning novels have just been launched, bringing readers some of the best contemporary work and offering deep insights into Australian society.

  • Saying it in pictures

    2010-10-29 09:55

    A PLA soldier swaps the gun for a brush to showcase the nation's long history and rich culture through cartoons.

  • An inside account

    2010-10-22 09:29

    An old China hand, Ross Terrill's latest book puts together stories of his encounters with Chinese leaders and laymen over half a century.

  • Digging deeper

    2010-09-10 09:29

    Jia Pingwa's new novel, while set in the much-explored period of the 'cultural revolution', ponders the reasons for its rapid spread.

  • A new chapter in literary exchange

    2010-09-06 09:31

    Within minutes of the inauguration of the Indian stand - designed to resemble a typical rural Indian courtyard, with images etched in relief on the faux mud walls - at the Beijing International Book Fair (BIBF), those manning its neat stalls began receiving questions.

  • Reading into new local realities

    2010-09-06 09:31

    The nation is increasingly turning to its publishing industry to promote better understanding with the rest of the world and present a mature image.

  • Agents of change

    2010-09-06 09:30

    Many attendees of the 17th Beijing International Book Fair cited the success of Yu Dan's Confucius from the Heart as an example of Chinese authors making inroads in the overseas publication market.

  • 'Best time for Chinese books to reach out'

    2010-09-01 09:20

    Chinese publishers are looking at the on-going 17th Beijing International Book Fair (BIBF) to take Chinese literature to a global audience.

  • Between the lines

    2010-09-01 09:10

    Writing for the Web is fast emerging as an attractive option for both writers and publishers. But can online books ever shake off the feeling this is not serious literature?

  • Establishing a Bond with Chinese writing

    2010-08-30 09:10

    British literary translator Julia Lovell had her eureka moment some 15 years ago, while watching the James Bond film You Only Live Twice as a Cambridge freshman studying history.