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  • Just aching to write

    2012-04-13 13:42

    Literary star Bi Feiyu says all the stories that he has penned are essentially one - the story of pain.

  • Nowhere to turn

    2012-04-13 13:42

    Veteran writer of 30 years says his new novel's characters speak to him. And yet, its central theme is one of man's constant search for someone to talk to.

  • Homeless sleep in all-night bookstore

    2012-04-11 11:18

    A 24-hour bookstore in Shanghai has become an irresistible free guesthouse for the homeless after getting a facelift last month.

  • Writing for their suppers

    2012-04-11 09:30

    Mao Dun Literature Prize winner Liu Xinglong says the money he was paid for a novella he wrote wasn't even enough to treat his friends for a meal.

  • At the LBF

    2012-04-10 13:03

    Han Dong is participating in five events at the London Book Fair from April 16-18.

  • Voices in his head

    2012-04-10 08:45

    Just how many people is the writer Han Dong? It may be difficult to pin down as he is full of surprises.

  • What to join

    2012-04-05 15:06

    Three Key seminars and ten conversations at London Book Fair.

  • What to see

    2012-04-05 14:59

    Pianist Lang Lang and violinist Lu Siqing are to perform together with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and New London Children's Choir.

  • What to read

    2012-04-05 14:46

    New books to be launched in English during London Book Fair.

  • Writers' events

    2012-04-05 14:43

    Fifty-two Chinese writers are to engage in extended exchanges with their foreign counterparts, readers, publishers, literary agents and translators. Listed are some of the events.

  • Elements of writing in style

    2012-04-05 14:04

    China will be the focus at the Earls Court Exhibition Center from April 15 to 18 when the Chinese pavilion will take center stage as the market focus of the 2012 London Book Fair.

  • A master of Tolstoy

    2012-03-27 11:13

    Shanghai-based translator Cao Ying celebrated his 90th birthday on Saturday and was given a new copy of Complete Novels of Leo Tolstoy, in Chinese with colored illustrations.