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  • Han's picks

    2011-03-18 10:48

    Rama, a 50-km-long cylindrical space ship, driven by cybernetic "biots", enters the Earth's solar system in 2130.

  • Red Mansion collection gets popular

    2011-03-17 10:05

    The Chinese version of the term "Red-ologist" describes one who focuses scholarly study on the centuries-old classic "A Dream of Red Mansions."

  • Han Han, a father now

    2011-03-15 10:23

    Popular writer, Han Han, is a father now, the stunning news comes from nobody else but the writer himself.

  • Jin Ping Mei, or The Plum in the Golden Vase

    2011-03-15 10:23

    Jin Ping Mei was one of the quartet of classic novels in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) before A Dream of Red Mansions replaced it in the subsequent Qing Dynasty (1644-1911).

  • Rising India released in Beijing

    2011-03-14 13:48

    Rising India, a collection of essays on Indian studies by Professor Ma Jiali, was released Thursday at the Culture Wing of the Embassy of India in Beijing. Indian Ambassador to China Dr. S. Jaishankar and Chinese dignitaries graced the event.

  • The romance of politics

    2011-03-11 10:07

    When Jessica Rudd wrote Campaign Ruby, she never thought that work of imagination would ever play out in real life.

  • Reading China from an Indian perspective

    2011-03-11 10:06

    "China is becoming everybody's business," says Douglas Kerr, professor of English at Hong Kong University. And that includes a handful of writers and intellectuals from India - a country that has had a long and layered relationship with China.

  • Hearing voices of 10 Aussie writers

    2011-03-10 14:57

    The front cover of Brian Castro's "Shanghai Dancing" shows a four-man dance band posing behind a drum.

  • Export of books set for bright new page

    2011-03-09 10:27

    Once upon a time, Chinese books only trickled into foreign markets but the flow during the coming five years will swell to a stream, thanks to a sharp rise in interest among international bookworms.

  • Exhibition showcasing Chinese mainland literary giant held in Taiwan

    2011-03-07 10:06

    An exhibition showcasing Chinese mainland literary giant Bingxin (1990-1999), one of the most well-known contemporary authors, opened in Taiwan Saturday.

  • China novelists overcoming translation issues

    2011-03-04 09:07

    A delegation of seven British literary editors joined their Chinese counterparts at the China-UK Literature in Translation Forum held on Feb 22.

  • The other little book

    2011-03-01 09:32

    The latest craze among young Chinese is a notebook with the logo of a fashion house on its cover, and illustrations that capture its spirit on the inside.