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  • Portraits of Cixi

    2011-05-06 17:28

    Two books about the Empress Dowager cast new light on the iconic ruler and controversial historical figure.

  • Keeping all eyes on the big picture

    2011-04-29 10:04

    The only crime of expat life is to set one's sights too low, says Alan Paul whose book Big in China is now eyeing the silver screen.

  • A journey from a Macao ferry to kangaroos and back

    2011-04-29 09:57

    Brian Castro was born during a typhoon in 1950, on a ferry between Hong Kong and Macao, to a Portuguese father and a Chinese mother.

  • Peering from the shadows

    2011-04-22 09:56

    A writer of "new realism", Fang Fang's fiction is distinguished by a direct and fierce confrontation with reality.

  • 60s celebrity culture from a dog's point of view

    2011-04-22 09:53

    Andrew O'Hagan slipped into the role of the famed American art dealer, Leo Castelli, quite effortlessly at the Bookworm International Literary Festival in March.

  • The first Chinese to gamble on Wild West

    2011-04-15 14:23

    The world of early Chinese immigrants in the United States was one of gold, greed and exclusion. A new book tells it like it was. Kelly Chung Dawson reports.

  • Writer with a penchant for flawed characters

    2011-04-15 14:06

    Thomas Keneally, author of the book on which Steven Spielberg's Oscar-winning Schindler's List was based, once asked the famed director for a minor role in the movie, but was turned down.

  • Emmy Rossum dating co-star

    2011-04-11 15:30

    Emmy Rossum who stars in the US version of the hit UK TV show has been on several dates with Tyler Jacob Moore and while friends say it is not serious at the moment, she is having lots of fun.

  • Buying into romance of Chinese literature

    2011-04-11 14:31

    Chi Li is one of the country's best-known writers in the West and is about to publish a new book that focuses on Chinese men, a major theme of her writing.

  • Room with a view of parental psychodrama

    2011-04-11 14:30

    Years from now, Finn Donoghue-Roulston might look back on the day when he, a 5-year-old, was rolled up inside a carpet, and say, "Wow, I was useful in making mummy's bestseller."

  • Completing the dream

    2011-04-01 19:18

    An army of scholars has attempted to bring the destinies of the characters in Cao Xueqin's mid-18th century novel A Dream of Red Mansions, to a closure.

  • Merry band of brothers

    2011-04-01 19:17

    All Men Are Brothers, Outlaws of the Marsh tells why and how 108 men and women, banded together on Liangshan Mountain, became leaders of an outlaw army and fought battles against government troops, during the Song Dynasty.