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  • Beating the blues

    2011-12-02 09:53

    An author's work helps her conquer the depression that debilitated her life but inspired her writing.

  • 'Best hound dog in the whole wide world' RIP

    2011-12-02 09:52

    When her beloved hound dog died, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Barbara Walsh watched her young daughters tearfully struggle with their loss and with tough questions.

  • Reading design's future in an era of e-books

    2011-11-21 09:23

    Publishers are looking toward more dazzling book designs to survive the shift toward e-book readers, such as Amazon's Kindle and Apple's iPad.

  • Bookstores go offline

    2011-11-18 10:55

    When Wu Ximan passed by Wudaokou in late October, he was surprised to find the bookstore O2SUN he used to frequent had been closed down.

  • Children's books publishers try to divine the future

    2011-11-18 10:55

    Representatives of more than 20 Chinese children's books publishing houses met with their foreign counterparts to examine market trends at a seminar in Beijing.

  • Adventures in words

    2011-11-18 10:44

    Scaling the world's highest mountains propels the prose of Huang Nubo to soaring heights.

  • Wordsmith re-forges princely crown

    2011-11-11 13:17

    Most poets spend their lives in shadowed quietude, in the wake of the golden years for poetry in the late 1970s and the entire '80s.

  • She shows the pros of prose

    2011-11-11 13:17

    Zhang Yali, an editor at the Beijing-based Writers' Publishing House, recalls how she joined her fellow students to obtain a copy of Hsi Mu-jung's Common Jasmine Orange.

  • Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star

    2011-11-04 14:17

    Pinkney brings a similar sumptuous aesthetic to the re-imagining of the familiar bedtime lullaby.

  • Designing Impact, Approaches to Practical Research

    2011-11-04 14:16

    The bilingual book is a collection of the most successful design and research programs from students, academics, artists and designers.

  • Stars, by Mary Lyn Ray

    2011-11-04 14:15

    Ray grounds her text in the everyday experiences of young children.

  • The Hare with Amber Eyes: A Hidden Inheritance, by Edmund de Waal

    2011-11-04 14:14

    De Waal, an English ceramist who inherited a collection of 264 netsuke intricate, puts the figurines in this account of his family's survival in Nazi-occupied Europe.