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  • Beijing Book Fair brings underground literature to the surface

    2012-01-10 11:16

    The annual Beijing Book Fair opened at the China International Exhibition Center on Sunday.

  • Awards bring rewards

    2012-01-08 15:15

    Two book awards that originated in Taiwan have been extended to the Chinese mainland to seek out new talent and broaden the market.

  • One for the ages

    2012-01-08 15:15

    The first edition of Pathlight: New Chinese Writing shows the best of Chinese literature to the rest of the world, in the estimation of Chitralekha Basu.

  • Follow the light to read with insight

    2012-01-08 15:15

    Pathlight: New Chinese Writing, the first English-language issue of People's Literature magazine, was published for the first time in November.

  • Pressing the issues

    2012-01-05 10:34

    The bimonthly magazine's latest edition, released on Jan 1, 2012, looks at environmental protection and bio-terrorism. The highlight is Mark Nykanen's sci-fi thriller Primitive.

  • Reading between the lines

    2012-01-05 10:09

    One of the country's biggest publishers of world literature in Chinese translation says it owes its success to its ability to predict domestic book trends. Chitralekha Basu reports.

  • China's reading list reveals a few surprises

    2011-12-30 10:31

    2011 witnessed dramatic changes in the country's publishing and reading scene.

  • Tan's works

    2011-12-30 10:30

    An incomplete list of Amy Tan's works.

  • Amy Tan returns with Rules for Virgins

    2011-12-30 10:30

    The latest work by Amy Tan is a 42-page novella written from the eyes of a courtesan in 1912 Shanghai.

  • A Canadian mom to Tibetan children

    2011-12-23 10:00

    Canadian writer Lisa Carducci's new book, My Tibetan Daughter, might not be an easy read but it provides objective glimpses of Tibetan life in the country's less developed regions.

  • Naisbitts' key works

    2011-12-23 09:31

    John Naisbitt's Megatrends: Ten New Directions Transforming Our Lives sold more than 9 million copies and was on the New York Times Bestsellers list for two years.

  • At a glance: John Naisbitt

    2011-12-23 09:21

    John Naisbitt is an author and public speaker, born in 1929 in the United States.