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Funky breath of fresh air in Houhai2010-11-11 10:04

With their gaudy music, ramshackle interiors, sometimes rip-off prices and generally touristy feel, Houhai's bars are not always the ideal location for a memorable night out.

Enticing scent of coffee2010-11-07 10:16

Longing for the strong brew in Hong Kong? Donna Mah points the way to the best places for an aromatic cuppa.

When East meets West2010-11-07 10:16

The fusion of cuisines can be a work of art, or a total mess. In the hands of a master chef, the union can sparkle, Ye Jun discovers.

Guilty pleasures2010-11-07 10:16

A stolen afternoon indulging in high tea can perk up your week. Shi Yingying shows you the best places

A delightful discovery2010-11-07 09:31

I had no idea what Wenzhou cuisine was like before I tried the food at Li Men, or Inner Gate, a newly opened restaurant and cafe adapted from a four-room Wangjing apartment.

Brown Sugar2010-11-02 13:33

If you run a smart jazz bar in Shanghai, having a logo that has the bar name’s initials blending into one another seems to be the trendy thing to do.

Athena2010-11-02 13:33

The tasty food, obliging service and great atmosphere ensures Athena remains a local favorite.

In the mood for Modo2010-11-01 09:51

It might be from the same people as Mosto, but new Sanlitun restaurant Modo is an entirely different beast. Alexandra Leyton Espinoza discovers the massive appeal of customer choice

Fresh out of Ningbo2010-10-22 10:06

Yun's Fusion Cuisine serves up Zhejiang specialties, with a focus on seafood from Ningbo, in retro-chicdcor , says Li Xinzhu.