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The best of a Michelin Star chef2010-05-08 09:27

One of the best received dishes was pan-fried scallop with ginger, served on a sauce of mashed ginger with spring onion. The scallops were both fresh and flavorful.

A taste of authentic Shanghai2010-05-07 11:17

Visitors to the Expo should head to Jade Garden, the city's No 1 Shanghainese restaurant, which has set up two outlets in the Expo Garden, Lu Hong says.

Promote Beijing food to China and world, local restaurant owners told2010-04-19 10:46

Beijing restaurant owners should look for opportunities to sell their cuisine to other parts of China and abroad instead of just thinking their food was superior.

Tuck into regional eats2010-04-17 09:14

According to executive chef Chen Junfeng, the menu is constantly updated, so customers feel they have a lot to choose from.

The color purple truly tasteful2010-04-12 10:06

Purple Bodhi Restaurant's Yansha branch was a pleasant surprise: The food quality is excellent, and presentation is creative.

Insides take pride of place on the local fried liver menu2010-04-09 09:43

First a warning: this is not a place for the fainthearted.

Effervescent afternoon uncorks fun2010-04-09 09:41

Hilton Beijing Wangfujing's Champagne brunch bubbles over with delicacies.

Moon cake magic2012-09-02 12:22

Hotel listing-Shanghai

Marvelous Moulin Rouge2012-09-02 12:22

Hotel listing-Shanghai