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Sense of herring2012-07-23 15:08

The herring season has just ended in Scheveningen, a coastal city in the Netherlands. But it's not too late to sample some of the creamy-textured fish.

A return to the past produces fresh surprises2012-07-22 09:58

Unkai at the Hong Kong Sheraton was creating a lot of buzz with its chic business lunches and seasonal kaiseki dinners.

Spoiled for choice in Macao2012-07-16 15:11

The Mezza9 restaurant at the Grand Hyatt Macao was modeled after the award-winning original at the Grand Hyatt in Singapore.

A right royal restaurant2012-07-15 08:57

Empresses and royalty used to dine in the Summer Palace, an extravagant park built for the sole amusement of the last rulers of the Qing Dynasty.

Seafood in Singapore2012-07-09 15:10

Pauline D. Loh relives the chili crab memories of her island home at Jumbo Seafood Restaurant in Singapore.

Southern celebrity2012-07-07 07:52

Two white stone lions guard the entrance, and red ribbons tied around their necks announce that Sung Tung Lok is officially ready for visitors, finally.

Take a break on Chang'an Avenue2012-07-07 07:52

It is a prestigious neighborhood full of movers and shakers. On the right is Tian'anmen, where the portrait of the nation's founding father gazes down on tourist hordes come to pay homage.

Say cheese, in Chinese or Dutch, please2012-07-02 10:37

Cheese, glorious cheese. Some people love it and can't imagine life without it, while others are perfectly happy living their cheese-free lives.

Her dumplings are filled with pride2012-07-02 10:32

Wu Huaxia arrived at Du Yi Chu Shaomai Restaurant confident about her skills in making shaomai, but her master told her to sweep the floor instead.