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Taping into the delights of tapas2010-06-04 10:16

Restaurant offers tasty Spanish fare - and some raucous fun.

BBQ eatery fires the imagination2010-06-04 10:09

There is just one problem with Bo Wei Yuan, an excellent barbecue joint located on Jiu Gulou Dajie in a sea of street stalls and grillrooms that pump out lamb kebobs and chicken wings.

Food reviews: Yunnan kaleidoscope2010-05-29 07:44

Colorful Yunnan's Anzhenqiao branch is a refined version of a Yunnan cuisine restaurant, in all respects: food quality, presentation, decoration, service and price.

Food Reviews:Innovative way to dine and take in the view2010-05-28 09:17

Guests can take advantage of sitting on the terrace that overlooks Chang'an Avenue.

Food reviews: A swell-tasting meal2010-05-22 10:10

It is rare for Beijing restaurants to offer swellfish because of its poisonous nature.

Swirling with fondue2010-05-21 09:34

Morel's takes the plunge with a signature Swiss dish that rivals hotpot as a fun and communal way to spend an evening.

When food and art combine2010-05-14 11:02

One of Shanghai's top Italian restaurants has managed to fuse food and art into one unforgettable dining experience, Shi Yingying reports.

Old gem gets revamped dreams2010-05-14 10:57

Tradition has been on the menu at Red Capital Club since 1999. This month, the old gem gets a revamp as chef Yang Li adds five dishes to a menu already replete with gastronomic favorites of top leaders (Mao Zedong, Deng Xiaoping, and Zhu Rongji) and classics from the imperial kitchens.

Looking to improve after 1m roast ducks2010-05-12 09:53

METRO reporter Lian Mo talks to a top cook on how to make the city's trademark cuisine.