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Dream banquet from book classic2012-09-03 13:58

In the Chinese literary classic A Dream of Red Mansions, the most delicate and intricate dishes are always being prepared to pamper the Jia family of princesses and the sole heir, Jia Baoyu.

Fujian food fantasies2012-09-03 13:53

Mike Peters had never been to Xiamen before, but he's pretty sure he will be going back very often. Why? He lists all the delights that will draw him back to this coastal city in the south.

Belgium lays it on the table2010-07-09 10:54

Chambar Bistro has been packed every day since it opened two months ago.

Be bright and eat in the sunshine2010-07-09 10:01

For nine-to-fivers, the only time to enjoy sunny al fresco dining or drinks may be at the weekend or during lunch breaks during the week.

Viva the flavors of Mexico2010-07-02 09:37

Hidden away in a lovely villa along a tree-lined street is this Mexican delight, Shi Yingying reports.

Everything is Greek at Argo2010-06-25 09:58

For Beijingers looking to embark on a voyage of culinary delight, it's time to dine at Argo, one of Beijing's newest Greek restaurants.

Fans go bananas for grilled fish and sushi2010-06-18 10:00

There is good reason to head to Tongli Studio this summer, besides the nightclubs White Rabbit and Kokomo, now that a new fusion restaurant, whimsically named BananaFish, has opened for business on the third floor.

Good food, good value2010-06-12 09:31

Greentea Restaurant has the potential to become the next dining phenomenon in Beijing.

Tasting ambrosia in Heaven on Earth2010-06-05 09:41

Water Paradise offers some 100 varieties of Western food. "Everything is prepared with meticulous attention. Nothing is microwaved and put on the table," Mei explains.