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Titanic meal won't be your last2012-04-23 14:43

In the evening of April 14, 1912, a 10-course luxury dinner was served to only a few upper-class guests in the first-class cabin on the Titanic.

Chasing the great tastes of Europe2012-04-23 14:42

The wine dinner was confidently called "Splendor of Europe" as it paired award-winning Italian wines from Antinori with southern French cuisines.

Blazes from the past2012-04-23 14:41

Flambe is the word at Boston restaurant, and Donna Mah is alight with pleasure.

Personal taste2012-04-23 13:53

The country is catching Ye Jun's passion for Shaanxi cuisine, he reports in Beijing.

Sweet licks of summer in Suzhou2012-04-23 10:52

When summer weather comes around, an unexpected sight can be seen on the streets of Suzhou: an ice cream truck driving down the streets.

Fusion delivers best of both hemispheres2012-04-15 10:52

What happens when traditional Western ingredients are cooked in a Chinese kitchen? They will be as delicious as those prepared in the Western ways at Dragon Phoenix.

Easy Italian2012-04-15 10:48

Donna Mah experiences the organic food approach at Linguini Fini in Hong Kong.

To ban or not to ban, that is the question2012-04-15 10:37

It's not on any menu, and fugu or puffer fish is still technically outlawed for restaurants in China.

Kitchen confidential2012-04-15 10:30

FINDS' executive chef Jaakko Sorsa maps out his dream kitchen and what gadgets he can't live without when cooking at home.