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Tianjin to give fans a big serving of fun2010-09-16 09:26

Food Network fanatics, Master Chef addicts and other self-confessed gastronomers, who believe the food scene in Beijing is still a little underdone, will be excited to know that the city's food culture will be getting a significant boost this weekend with the inaugural China Wine & Food Festival in Tianjin.

A feast for the eyes and the stomach2010-09-12 10:56

The fresh, meaty seasonal hairy crab, though, is a winner. The crab is matched with a ginger and black sugar soup, whose warming effect counterbalances the coldness of the seafood.

The Art of Wind and Water:Shanghai2010-09-12 09:39

Geomancy is a unique Chinese art of tying destiny with the five elements of metal, wood, water, fire and earth. A restaurant brings it a step closer to life. Shi Yingying reports.

It's Oktoberfest:Beijing2010-09-12 09:35

The annual excuse to chug mug after mug of beer is back. Ye Jun does a quick spin around town to check out the best places for brew and grub because...

Obelisco steaks its claim2010-09-10 09:55

Argentines pride themselves on the quality of their beef, Matt Hodges finds out why.

Moroccan marinades from humble host2010-09-09 10:26

In a city where lavish decor and heavy oversized menus are the norm at many eateries, especially Chinese establishments, the single page menu at Argana displays the humble but excellent range of dishes at this unassuming dining venue.

Fancy some sushi? Wash it down with a cup of sake2010-09-05 10:09

A glass of wine can lift up a meal, and alcohol always helps when friends are gathered talking about the good old days.

Big and beefy2010-09-05 10:09

A Danish restaurant owner is willing to wager that few can wolf down his mammoth burger. It's free if you can polish it off in one sitting. Xu Junqian sizes it up.

Creative cooking2010-09-05 10:09

A well-known chef is serving up some artistic plates at his new restaurant. Ye Jun takes a sampler.