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  • Secrets of longevity

    2013-09-06 10:28

    Huang Yongyu says he doesn't purposely live a healthy lifestyle. Huang stays up late at night. He doesn't exercise and he doesn't like fruit. He also smokes.

  • Costumes worn in opera show on exhibition

    2013-09-06 09:38

    Costumes worn in opera performance are displayed at an exhibition in Shanghai, East China, Sept 4, 2013.Observing filial piety in China

  • Explore Africa: Go Down art zone

    2013-09-05 17:18

    Most people have visited the 798 art district in Beijing. The Go Down art zone is similar in Kenya. Many Kenyan artists have worked here at some point in their careers.

  • Guangdong hosting major art forum

    2013-09-05 16:10

    The Asian Curators' Forum organized by the Guangdong Museum of Art and the National Art Museum of China will be held in Guangdong Museum of Art on Sept 11-13.

  • Modernity looms in new weave works

    2013-09-05 14:46

    What's the top must-see sight for visitors spending only one afternoon in the downtown area of Chifeng, the most populous city in the east of the Inner Mongolia autonomous region? Several locals offer a surprisingly identical answer: a factory.

  • Photography touched by devotion

    2013-09-05 11:02

    Yang Yankang spent nearly 14 years photographing a Catholic community in Northwest China's Shaanxi province, and another decade taking photos of Buddhist Tibetans.

  • Raising the roof

    2013-09-05 11:02

    Acclaimed British architect and stage artist Mark Fisher died in June, but his creation in China continues to grow and thrive.

  • Taipei hosts Chinese character art festival

    2013-09-05 09:57

    Visitors enjoy artwork at the 4th Cross-Straits Chinese Character Art Festival in Taipei, Southeast China's Taiwan, September 4, 2013.

  • Nature forms a gallery of cave art

    2013-09-05 07:24

    For those who are looking for an opportunity to go caving, various underground caves in Yishui county, East China's Shandong province, are ideal places where adventurers are treated to a majestic display of nature's hidden works of art.

  • Capturing a continent

    2013-09-05 01:03

    Chinese amateur photographers are training their lenses on the wonder and beauty of Africa, shattering stereotypes of war and poverty to show the rich diversity of the continent.

  • Devotee sustains the luster of Huaning pottery

    2013-09-04 14:05

    While throngs of people squeezed into the exhibition hall for animation and costume players at the first Yunnan Cultural Industry Expo in Kunming, Li Zixuan's exhibition of Huaning pottery was much less crowded.

  • Tai Chi by touch

    2013-09-04 09:25

    Lack of sight didn't stop two tai chi enthusiasts from learning their art - or sharing it with others.

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