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  • A steamy sampling of Chinese art

    2013-04-08 09:29

    A new exhibition in Vermont attempts to demonstrate the principle, as applied to a particularly Chinese parallel: the communal hot pot.Chinese tones

  • Designer brings dreams to life

    2013-04-07 16:01

    For James K.S. Tu, making homes beautiful and comfortable has been a lifelong ambition.

  • Stitches in time

    2013-04-07 14:24

    Mississippi quilter Martha Ginn found an eager audience for her craft when she arrived in China late last month.Reinvigorating ink painting

  • Beijing gets new colors

    2013-04-07 11:00

    The group of Beijing-based graffiti artists created a team known as ABS, which stands for active, brilliant and significant.A bike for Beijing

  • Three takes on tango in Beijing

    2013-04-07 10:34

    They always say it takes two to tango, so "they" will get more than they bargained for at a colorful exhibition hosted by the Uruguayan embassy.Photos

  • University hosts famous musical

    2013-04-07 10:04

    On March 27 the award-winning musical was performed at the University of International Relations, ending its successful run.

  • Fusion Afoot

    2013-04-07 09:25

    Artists make modern dance a multimedia show with young performers.Phoenix reborn Living master of thangka Snuff and stuff

  • Beijing hosts painting exhibition

    2013-04-04 11:57

    The first National Chinese Painting Academic Exhibition will present more than 300 works, inspiring explorations into both the technique and theories of Chinese painters.

  • Universal language of music

    2013-04-04 11:55

    Foreign diplomats, foreigners working in China, and international students gathered in the concert hall of the China Conservatory in Beijing on Sunday, to enjoy traditional Chinese folk music.

  • Phoenix reborn

    2013-04-04 01:19

    A huge name in Chinese entertainment, dancer Yang Liping is now hoping for a second career as a businesswoman.

  • Guest of honor

    2013-04-03 13:30

    China will be the guest of honor at Saudi Arabia's 2013 Jenadriyah Heritage and Cultural Festival.

  • Artisans learn to market

    2013-04-03 13:29

    China's best-known 100 artisans have recently added marketing to their skills.

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