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  • Musician keeps Nanyin opera alive

    2013-10-11 09:48

    For young people, Nanyin music is slow and boring. The lyrics are about sad love stories and whining women. But Wang Xinxin became obsessed with it.

  • Chinese arts travel the world

    2013-10-11 09:19

    Istanbul, former capital of the Ottoman Empire and a glorious city straddling Europe and Asia, is again hosting one of the world's most prestigious art exhibitions, the 13th Istanbul Biennial.

  • Calligraphic characters

    2013-10-09 16:52

    Cui Xianji's latest installation The Great Kuangcao at his solo exhibition continues his decade-long experiment with kuangcao, or the wild cursive style of Chinese calligraphy.

  • Beijing Design Week's gift: making ideas a reality

    2013-10-09 10:32

    Zhang Chen received five orders for the black walnut desk she created as her graduation work, an exciting moment for the young designer.

  • Design a better life

    2013-10-09 10:24

    How to make a city more liveable through design and technology? Smart City 2013 - International Design Exhibition, the main exhibition at Beijing Design Week 2013, provides some suggestions.

  • Chinese opera visits Istanbul

    2013-10-09 10:01

    Actors from China's Guangxi province perform Chinese opera in Istanbul, Turkey, October 8, 2013, during the 3rd Istanbul International Theatre Festival for Children and Youth on Tuesday.

  • Desert-themed oil painting exhibition opens in Beijing

    2013-10-08 18:05

    The oil painting exhibition Sand Dream: Oil Paintings on Kubuqi Desert opened at the Elion Art Gallery in Beijing on September 29, 2013.

  • Dutch design comes to Beijing

    2013-10-08 15:36

    The Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam exhibition kicked off two weeks ago at Beijing's Capital Museum and will run through October 31.

  • US Sinophile traces the evolution of Chinese words

    2013-10-08 09:54

    For 20 years Richard Sears has been devoted to making the etymological information of Chinese characters available online for people to trace them back to their original form.

  • No crisis of character

    2013-10-08 09:52

    With the television schedules packed with singing contests and talent shows, the hit show Hero of Hanzi focuses on preserving and promoting an old treasure: Chinese characters.

  • Search for a cup holder's identity

    2013-10-05 07:37

    Four months ago, at the China Guardian Hong Kong Spring Auction for 2013, a porcelain "Korean Celadon Cup Holder" had a final sale price of $HK5,175,000 ($667,575).

  • Festival returns with a flourish

    2013-10-04 09:20

    The 2013 Beijing 798 Art Festival kicked off at the 798 Art Zone in Beijing on Sept 21 and will run through Oct 20. The flowing colors of 798 art district