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  • Global presence

    2013-05-31 08:30

    Chinese artists will be well represented at the 55th Venice Biennale, an important showcase of the best contemporary artworks from around the world.

  • Documentary shines light on Peking Opera

    2013-05-30 17:34

    A China Central Television documentary is ready to, in CCTV's head Hu Zhanfan's words, make international audiences fall in love with Peking Opera.

  • Impression, yes. But where was Liu Sanjie?

    2013-05-30 14:52

    The 1960 film Liu Sanjie was very much a product of its times. Despite its roots in ancient Zhuang folklore, the tale was re-imagined as an exemplar of class struggle.

  • Ambassador shares Tibetan beauty in Canberra

    2013-05-30 11:10

    The Chinese ambassador to Australia, Chen Yuming launched an art exhibition called "Beauty of Tibet" in Canberra, Australia Wednesday.

  • Pole position

    2013-05-30 09:44

    At the age of 61, Sun Fengqin has taken up a hobby more commonly seen in nightclubs than retiree homes.

  • Advice for seniors about to take up pole dancing

    2013-05-30 09:00

    With the vigorous moves that pole dancing entails, such as swinging around a pole and dangling from it, how safe is the activity for senior citizens?

  • Russian film festival opens in Beijing

    2013-05-29 12:47

    A nine-day Russian film festival opened in Beijing amid efforts to boost cultural exchanges.

  • Chinese music, art exhibition underway in St. Petersburg

    2013-05-29 11:00

    The Chinese Artists' Society of Russia held Monday its second music and art exhibition at St. Petersburg's Smolny Institute.

  • Shu brocade weaved in China's Chengdu

    2013-05-29 09:53

    A weaver weaves Shu brocade, a traditional artwork in Southwest China's Sichuan province, with a loom, in Chengdu, capital of Sichuan, May 27, 2013.

  • Art from the soul

    2013-05-28 14:05

    Miao Shiming is teaching mentally challenged people how to paint, and he says we should not be surprised if the next Vincent van Gogh is among his students.

  • Emma's juggling act

    2013-05-28 11:03

    She has traveled halfway across the world to learn from the best teachers and she's working hard at balancing training to be an excellent acrobat.

  • A good hair-day for the guzheng

    2013-05-28 10:45

    Guzheng soloist Chang Jing has had a radical haircut before her concert on June 9. Her haircut, however, angered the concert's producer.