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  • Art exhibition themed on Chinese ocean held in Beijing

    2013-04-25 15:18

    Combined photo taken on April 24, 2013 shows visitors watching paintings at an art exhibition themed on Chinese ocean in Beijing, capital of China.

  • Zhou Chunya: best-selling Chinese artist

    2013-04-25 14:14

    Oil painter Zhou Chunya topped the Hurun Art List with sales of his auctioned works hitting 75 million US dollars in 2012.A new wave of paintings

  • Marcel Duchamp leads cultural fete

    2013-04-25 12:40

    Beijing's 798 Art District as the Ullens Center for Contemporary Art presents a large amount of the French-American painter's work on Friday.

  • A new wave of paintings

    2013-04-24 11:47

    A Beijing exhibition will highlight a new wave in artists with pictures from the “ocean group’’. Li Haitao, Xiao Kai and 17 other artists will present their paintings on the marine theme, “Embrace the Ocean”.

  • In their own words

    2013-04-24 09:39

    Your favorite qualities in a man? Yang: Kindness, tolerance. Your favorite qualities in a woman? Chang: Patience.What others say about them

  • What they say

    2013-04-24 09:39

    I've been their friend for some 20 years since they gave first exhibition in Shanghai. Why so long? It is because of their passion and commitment to inherit and promote Chinese cultural legacy.

  • Crystal clear

    2013-04-24 09:39

    It began one night in Taipei, in 1984. Chang Yi, 33, sat opposite Loretta Hui-shan Yang, 32, at a dinner hosted by senior director Lee Hsing.

  • Festival attracts dancers globally

    2013-04-23 10:49

    The third China Xinjiang International Dance Festival will be held from July 20 to Aug 5 in Urumqi, Korla and Shihezi, in the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region.

  • Classical music's great champion

    2013-04-23 09:19

    Symphonic music is more revered than loved in most Chinese cities. But one musician is bent on changing that.Brush with history

  • Beijing opera makes London debut

    2013-04-22 13:16

    Tianjin City Youth Beijing Opera Troupe made its debut in London.

  • City guide(April 21-May 31)

    2013-04-22 12:02

    Art activities in China's big cities during April 21-May 31.

  • Musical star power comes to Shanghai

    2013-04-22 11:26

    Young pianist Zhang Haochen will play Beethoven with the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra this week under the baton of maestro conductor Lorin Maazel.