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  • Free on his feet

    2013-07-17 09:11

    Willy Tsao had a visceral reaction to the first performance of modern dance he saw decades ago, and has never stopped making the art form his own.

  • What they say

    2013-07-17 08:59

    It's not an exaggeration to say that there would be no modern dance in China without Willy Tsao.

  • Q+A

    2013-07-17 08:59

    Your favorite virtue? Modesty.

  • Beauty of Tianshan Mountain on show in Beijing

    2013-07-16 16:46

    The National Art Museum of China is displaying more than 100 ink-and-water paintings depicting Xinjiang's magnificent landscapes and vibrant ethnic customs.

  • Setting Mao in stone

    2013-07-16 14:33

    Overcoming severe hardships, a local eccentric created stone monuments that continue to inspire visitors.

  • Christie's figures reveal active Asia participation

    2013-07-16 14:02

    Christie's has posted a strong performance in the first half of this year, realizing total sales of £2.4 billion ($3.68 billion), a 9 percent increase on the same period last year.

  • Daring to take flight

    2013-07-16 11:24

    A young African boy came to China to look for the flying heroes he had seen in kung fu movies. He did not learn to fly, but other lessons had made him a hero in his own homeland, and an ambassador in China.

  • Paper-cutting honored at Hebei art festival

    2013-07-16 10:29

    The 4th Chinese paper-cut art festival was held in Wei county, Hebei province July 8-10 and featured works from over 360 folk artists around China.

  • Ancient music brought back to life

    2013-07-15 14:21

    On June 8, China's Eighth National Cultural Heritage Day, music many people thought had disappeared centuries ago was played in the Forbidden City.

  • Under the hammer

    2013-07-15 10:30

    Steve Freeman said that there is plenty of room in Hong Kong for a mid-end auction house stocked with beautiful curios that people can actually afford.

  • Art beat (July 13-Aug 22)

    2013-07-12 15:20

    Culture events in Chinese big cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou during July 13-Aug 22. Art beat (July 5-18) City guide (June 29-July 21)

  • German neo-expressionism debuts in China

    2013-07-12 15:00

    More than 30 years after Chinese modern artists were exposed to German neo-expressionism paintings, they are finally making their debut in the country.