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  • Zhangzhou bares its soul through public art

    2013-08-01 23:41

    Young sculptor Liu Qing anticipated criticism as he worked on G4472, an installation recreating daily scenes in a subway carriage.

  • A softer focus

    2013-08-01 23:37

    Stage director takes a famous warriors' tale, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, and gives the roles to women.Art beat in August

  • A stitch in time

    2013-08-01 01:04

    Exquisite embroidery from the Miao ethnic group is not only beautiful to look at, but a way for the local women to document their lives.

  • Little red fox becomes big business

    2013-07-31 15:40

    A story about a red fox who wears shorts and has cute facial expressions has won the hearts of tens of millions of people, from teenagers to office workers.

  • Drawing fame and fortune

    2013-07-31 15:31

    Chinese cartoonists are increasingly finding fame online, where a menagerie of animated animals are proving a hot with netizens.

  • Acrobats set to fly through Bird's Nest in big autumn show

    2013-07-31 11:19

    An outdoor show to be staged in September at Beijing's Bird's Nest will have 31 flying men and women performing acrobatics on wires.

  • Western art classic finally translated

    2013-07-30 10:32

    The best-selling classic on Western art history, Janson's History of Art: The Western Tradition, has been translated into simplified Chinese for the first time.

  • Legendary fighter remembered

    2013-07-30 10:16

    On July 21, 1973, kung fu legend Bruce Lee died. Since then, the man has remained an inspiration for kung fu lovers around the globe.

  • Kung fu connections

    2013-07-30 09:29

    He straddles two cultures and plays a bridging role, and his introduction to all things Chinese was through a legendary kung fu hero.

  • Photos of nature beauty on display

    2013-07-29 17:18

    Beijing Parkview Green's exhibition hall is displaying 80 photos tracing the footsteps of Chen Lusheng, National Museum of China's deputy director.

  • Master of his art passes away

    2013-07-29 13:01

    Oil painter, calligrapher and educator Zhu Naizheng passed away, at the age of 77, on Thursday in Beijing.

  • Sounds of tradition

    2013-07-29 09:48

    Ulaantug is the musician behind some of the most iconic music about the grasslands of Inner Mongolia.