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  • Asian-Americans talkin' 'bout their generation

    2013-07-05 07:22

    As theatergoers ate dinner and sipped drinks at Joe's Pub on June 24, one thing had to be made clear for them.

  • Original is best for Wagner's bicentenary

    2013-07-05 07:22

    Don't worry if you can't make it to Bavaria for Wagner's bicentenary - if you stay in Beijing, you could catch China's first rendition of Die Walkure.

  • New music from old friends

    2013-07-05 07:22

    Swiss conductor Charles Dutoit will stage his collaboration with the UK's Royal Philharmonic Orchestra in China, joined by Chinese pianist Wang Yuja.Art picks for the weekend

  • Phantom swoops through Shanghai

    2013-07-05 07:22

    The Phantom of the Opera will haunt the city of Shanghai once again this winter - and theater lovers could not be more excited. It's five months before the premiere, but almost half the tickets are already sold.

  • Beautiful scars streak toward the ethereal

    2013-07-04 10:39

    He Duoling is hailed as an icon of "scar painting", or "painting the wounded" - an art phenomenon that appeared in the later period of the "cultural revolution" (1966-76).

  • Social life, lonely art

    2013-07-04 10:34

    He Duoling's outgoing and fun-loving personality exists in sharp contrast to his estranged and sad paintings.

  • US martial artists arrive at Shaolin Temple

    2013-07-04 10:17

    Some 250 martial arts enthusiasts from the US arrived at the renowned Shaolin Temple on Monday and demonstrated their skills to the temple's masters on Wednesday.

  • A Chinese girl's cello dream

    2013-07-03 11:04

    When this Chinese girl first touched a cello 20 years ago, she hadn't realized that the stringed instrument would lead her halfway around the globe.

  • Int'l Folklore Dance Competition in Toronto

    2013-07-03 10:41

    Dancers perform on stage during the International Folklore Dance Competition of the 2013 CHIN International Picnic event in Toronto, Canada.

  • Superstar of Yue Opera: Mao Weitao

    2013-07-03 09:22

    Mao Weitao could have rested on laurels, but she is willing to take risks to keep her art form relevant and resonating with audiences.

  • What they say

    2013-07-03 08:49

    She mixes her career with her life, and she has an obsession and purity about art that reminds me of Vincent van Gogh.

  • Mao on heroes and being a tree

    2013-07-03 08:49