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  • Building while reflecting

    2013-05-01 17:05

    By getting the public more involved in art in a big open way, the Shanghai West Bund Biennale brings new vitality to the city.

  • Sculpting the souls

    2013-05-01 11:00

    Many Chinese artists have now attained international recognition but few have gained a level of respect shown to sculpture master Wu Weishan.

  • Bidding for bargains

    2013-05-01 10:30

    An art auction specifically for Beijing's amateur collectors has seen a boom in the number of bidders over the past year.Framed by controversy 

  • Musicians with taste

    2013-04-30 08:16

    You may think you know your vegetables - the price of pumpkins or what nutrients carrots contain - but did you know they can be played like musical instruments?

  • Martin Koch to make Ip Man musical organic

    2013-04-28 14:20

    A good story is the critical ingredient for a successful musical, but music plus story alone can't complete the recipe, music supervisor Martin Koch believes.

  • Curator finds new life in China's art

    2013-04-28 11:32

    China-based art curator Tiffany Beres completed the most challenging project of her career - organizing a major show at a prestigious exhibition center in Paris.

  • Framed by controversy

    2013-04-28 09:46

    Despite the heavyweight artworks and big name artists, Long Museum's new exhibition has met with challenges from critics.

  • Art beat (April 27-May 5)

    2013-04-27 14:34

    Art events in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou during April 27-May 5

  • Momentous map

    2013-04-27 10:03

    Researchers have discovered that a document thought to be a landscape painting from the Qing Dynasty, is in fact one of China's earliest world maps from the Ming Dynasty.

  • Renowned painter donates collection to hometown gallery

    2013-04-26 10:34

    An art gallery in Shandong acquired a wealth of paintings by Liu Kuo-Sung, a famous painter who lives in Taiwan.Zhou Chunya: best-selling Chinese artist

  • Dancer Yan He: making her way outside the system

    2013-04-26 09:40

    A lithe and fresh-faced dancer - costumed in black robes with red lining, loose hair almost down to her waist - pivoted continuously on the stage in water.

  • Music to bridge cultures

    2013-04-26 09:31

    Seoul and Beijing celebrate 20 years as sister cities with the Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra performing the Chinese sheng.