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  • Intense and intricate

    2013-07-21 09:55

    Colorful embroidery, fine silver ornaments, masks and lacquer wares were among the abundant handicrafts on display at the 798 Art Zone in Beijing recently.

  • East sounds West

    2013-07-21 08:23

    Eric Chipman had heard of guzheng, or Chinese plucked zither, but it was not until he actually laid a hand on the instrument that it had an affect on him.

  • London art exhibition focuses on renegade woman artist

    2013-07-20 11:06

    The exhibition looks at the works of Laura Knight, a painter who worked through the first 60 years of the last century and became the first woman artist to be made a full member of the Royal Academy.

  • Art beat (July 19-August 31)

    2013-07-19 09:38

    The latest update of art-related activities in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.

  • Museum presents the future of fine arts and designs

    2013-07-19 07:33

    The Art Museum of Central Academy of Fine Arts is presenting the future of fine arts and designs in The Start of a Long Journey - 2013 CAFA Excellent Graduation Works Exhibition.

  • A tribute to Chinese and Indian dulcimers

    2013-07-18 23:21

    For the first time, the Chinese dulcimer yangqin and the Indian dulcimer santoor were played together with a symphony orchestra. Voice of tradition

  • Tao of dance

    2013-07-18 22:52

    His works have been performed at major venues from the Sydney Opera House to the Lincoln Center, but it is coming home that makes Tao Ye most nervous.

  • Young artists to gather for China youth festival

    2013-07-18 09:08

    Young artists from around the world will perform at the sixth China International Youth Arts Festival scheduled from August 12 to 29.

  • Saxophone bonds unlikely friendship

    2013-07-17 12:22

    It was an ordinary summer morning in June in Datong, Shanxi province. An elderly woman wearing the uniform of a city cleaner was sitting on the street corner playing the saxophone.

  • Luxury dresses in plastic

    2013-07-17 11:10

    Ultramodern plastic furniture looks cool in The Devil Wears Prada and Boston Legal, but how would they match with heavy wooden Chinese cabinets?

  • Art master Liu Haisu's work on display

    2013-07-17 10:47

    An exhibition showcasing the paintings of famous Chinese artist Liu Haisu opened at the Suzhou Museum in Suzhou, Jiangsu province on July 16, 2013.

  • 'Shaolin Zen Music Ritual' performs in Zhengzhou

    2013-07-17 09:56

    The real scene show "Shaolin Zen Music Ritual" has run for more than 1,600 performances since its premiere in May, 2007.