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  • Still strong at 100

    2013-06-09 10:11

    An old Chinese adage says that a man's handwriting is a window into his personality and character.

  • Painter Li Xiaoke finds spiritual home in Tibet

    2013-06-09 10:11

    For Chinese painter Li Xiaoke, Tibet is more than a vast land with amazing natural beauty. It is essentially the spiritual home of his art creation.

  • Beijing Opera showcased in Shanghai

    2013-06-09 09:58

    Performers showcase the beauty of Beijing Opera during a media preview at the textile museum in Shanghai on June 8, 2013.

  • Lingnan puppet show held in Guangzhou

    2013-06-09 09:48

    Performers operate puppets during a Lingnan puppet show held by the Guangdong Provincial Puppet Art Theater at the Guangzhou Library to mark the 8th national Cultural Heritage Day.

  • The eternal truths of art are on show

    2013-06-09 09:11

    Exhibition Truth, Beauty, Freedom and Money: Art after Social Media Era features many projects that were commissioned especially for the show.

  • Beijing Opera performance to make Tunisian debut

    2013-06-08 15:17

    The Beijing Opera will be performed for the first time in Tunisia, official TAP press agency reported on Friday.

  • Imperial cabinet sets record at spring auction

    2013-06-08 13:43

    A rare wooden cabinet that was part of the Chinese imperial collection has sold for over 90 million yuan at an auction in Beijing. The sale sets a new record for Chinese furniture.

  • Expressing the essence of life

    2013-06-08 10:34

    It is widely accepted that traditional Chinese painting can be divided into two categories: gongbi, or fine brushwork with great attention to detail, and xieyi, a freehand style of brushwork that expresses meaning and spirit.

  • Traditional style aims to capture beauty of nature

    2013-06-08 10:34

    The realistic gongbi style of Chinese painting is considered to lack imagination and be less capable of expressing emotion than freehand brushwork.

  • International comedy duo to perform in Guangzhou

    2013-06-08 09:55

    BP Zoom is ready to make you laugh at the Guangzhou Opera House on June 7 and 8 with an imaginative show, which the duo created to celebrate their 20th anniversary.

  • Take-Out Multiculturalism

    2013-06-08 03:36

    "The Golden Dragon" has been translated into more than 20 languages and is playing at New York's New Ohio Theatre through this weekend.

  • Editor's picks in June

    2013-06-07 15:17

    Some exhibitions and art shows in Beijing during June 7-June 26.