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  • Ceramics for Chairman Mao auctioned for $1.5m

    2013-06-21 14:01

    A collection of ceramic bowls tailored-made for Chairman Mao was auctioned at a price of HK$11.68 million ($1.51 million) in Hong Kong on Thursday.

  • Concert inspired by crescent moon

    2013-06-21 13:45

    Qinghai's folk music Hua'er is not generally well known but most Chinese people are familiar with the music of Wang Luobin (1913-96), who was inspired by Hua'er.

  • Modern 'Swan Lake' ballet rehearsed in Australia

    2013-06-21 11:17

    Dancers from the Australian Ballet perform during a dress rehearsal of Graeme Murphy's modern interpretation of "Swan Lake" at the Arts Center in Melbourne, Australia, on June 20, 2013.

  • Mo Yan's pricey calligraphy mocked

    2013-06-21 11:05

    The calligraphy of Mo Yan, a Chinese writer who won Nobel Literature Prize in 2012, was auctioned off at 300,000 yuan (US$48,942) on Sunday.

  • Tibetan carpet exposition opens in Xining, NW China

    2013-06-21 10:34

    Opened Thursday, the Tibetan carpet exposition attracted some 110 exhibitors from 9 countries.

  • Iran Cultural Week opens in Beijing

    2013-06-21 10:01

    Iranian handicrafts are displayed during the Iran Cultural Week in Beijing, capital of China, June 20, 2013. The seven-day cultural week opened in Iran Thursday.

  • In the right direction

    2013-06-21 09:49

    Shanghai Dramatic Arts Center has embarked on a five-year project to upgrade its production. It plans to showcase highly acclaimed plays from other countries to its audiences.

  • Natl Art Museum of China turns 50

    2013-06-21 09:38

    The National Art Museum of China celebrates its 50th birthday. The arced wall inside the museum is seen as one of the country's most important exhibition spaces.

  • Yishu 8 Award encourages budding Chinese artists

    2013-06-20 17:32

    Young Chinese artists now have more opportunities to publicly show their works as Yishu 8 in Beijing has created a new award for fresh Chinese art graduates.

  • Bark paintings on display at Gansu Provincial Art Museum

    2013-06-20 15:56

    Photo taken on June 19, 2013 shows a bark painting created by folk artist Su Yongsheng during a fine folk art exhibition at the Gansu Provincial Art Museum in Lanzhou.

  • Egg carving handicrafts made by Chinese villager

    2013-06-20 14:25

    Photo taken on June 19, 2013 shows egg carving handicrafts made by Pu Derong, a man from Dongzhuangtou village in Zhuozhou city, North China's Hebei province.

  • As light as a feather

    2013-06-20 10:52

    Dian cui, the art of applying kingfisher feathers onto accessories, requires skill and patience. But like many age-old techniques, it risks being lost forever.