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  • Artist Xiao Jiahong exhibites paintings in Hong Kong

    2013-06-25 16:16

    A gallery show exhibition of the paintings created by artist Xiao Jiahong opened in Hong Kong on Monday.

  • Curtain rises on performance market in China

    2013-06-25 10:13

    China's performance market grew tremendously in 2012, with several fields reaching historical heights, according to the 2013 Report on the Performance Market by the Ministry of Culture.

  • In the mood

    2013-06-25 09:38

    The Water Cube moved away from it's standard hue of ocean blue over the weekend and instead started to display a variety of colors that reflect the mood of Beijing as part of an ambitious new art project.

  • Famed artist's paintings exhibited in Beijing

    2013-06-24 15:05

    A total of 40 paintings and calligraphic works created by artist Bai Bohua were exhibited on a gallery in Beijing.

  • In with old and in with new

    2013-06-24 13:47

    While a recent documentary on Peking Opera has come under fire from critics and purists, it could be a step toward bringing a new audience to the ancient art form.

  • UK woman fulfills tai chi China dream

    2013-06-24 11:41

    An English woman Sarah Henderson-Sharon traveled to the birthplace of tai chi, Chenjiagou village in Wen county, Jiaozuo city, Henan province out of her love for tai chi.

  • Water Cube art project feeds on emotion

    2013-06-24 10:50

    A new art project that collects and blends individual emotions expressed in social media will be on display at the iconic Water Cube.

  • City guide (June 25 - August 11)

    2013-06-23 07:54

    Main art events in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Macao are listed.

  • Heroes wanted

    2013-06-23 07:54

    Elmo, Grover and your favorite Sesame Street heroes return to Hong Kong to teach kids that healthy is super cool.Exhibition leaps off the screen

  • Exhibition leaps off the screen

    2013-06-23 07:54

    Shanghai Film Museum celebrated its grand opening on June 16, following the launch of the 16th Shanghai International Film Festival.

  • Spotlight on HK at Europe's top art fair

    2013-06-21 14:33

    Masterpiece London, a leading art fair in Europe, will host a dedicated Hong Kong Pavilion to showcase about 30 works from Chinese artists for the first time this year.

  • Art beat (June 21-29)

    2013-06-21 14:26

    Art events in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hebei province from June 21 to June 29. City guide (June 19-30) Art beat (June 16-28)